Itunes backup. Can I do it online?

  bristolgirl 11:37 03 Jun 2011

Hello again. I am trying to backup my Itunes library but am having no luck writing to DVD's. I thought that maybe an easier option might be to back it up online somewhere. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or do I have to sign up for an annual subscription with something like Carbonite? I'm not keen to do this, as I only have photos and my music on my laptop that I need to save in case of an emergency. I guess I am looking for a cheaper option. Many thanks for all your support!

  gengiscant 11:46 03 Jun 2011

The cheapest option would buy yourself an external hard-drive then you can back up all you stuff to it. I recently bought one of these,USB HDD which is useful for taking my music etc elsewhere easily.

  bristolgirl 11:55 03 Jun 2011

Thank you gengiscant! I think that this might be the answer. Do you know if it is quite easy to restore Itunes from it if the worse does happen?

In the meantime, I've found Sugarsync. Does anyone know or use this? I already use Dropbox for my photos and have reached my limit as regards storage.

Thank you!

  gengiscant 14:29 03 Jun 2011

What I do is reinstall itunes then copy everything from the back up itunes folder to the new one ,job done.

As for Sugarsync, have not heard of it, I notice it gives you 5GB free,not much good if you have lots of audio files, on the last cout I had 26 GB.

It is possible to get extra space from Dropbox free.Go to the website then log on then go to the get started page, so far I have increased my space to 4.5GB.

  john bunyan 14:55 03 Jun 2011

I regularly back up all my "My Documents" folders - including i tunes which is in My Documents/My Music/iTunes to a second drive using either Freefilesynch or Synchtoy, both free. I also have my e Mails in My documents uder Outlook and that gets backed up as well. Asa an extra precaution I also do a clone and an image on yet another drive using Acronis.

  bristolgirl 16:21 03 Jun 2011

Thank you gengiscant and John!

I will look at that way to get extra space from Dropbox. I didn't know you could do that. Thank you. I'm not sure about reinstalling itunes though. What if it doesn't work? Will I loose everything?

I will have to look into Freefilesynch and synchtoy too. Thank you for suggesting them. I don't use Outlook anymore as I have gmail now.

It is a good idea using Acronis, I know but I only use my laptop for photos and itunes (besides internet access). I have all my photos sycned and uploaded using Picasa (I think), so I was looking for something similar for Itunes.

As always, I do appreciate all the support you give me on this site!!

  gengiscant 16:28 03 Jun 2011

Once you have copied your itunes folder to a back up device,whether its to an on-line source or an external hard-drive as long as you then keep the two folders synced then you will not lose anything if you have to reinstall itunes.

I have just reinstalled Windows 7 after an upgrade and after installing itunes I copied across the contents of the itunes folder to the new with nothing lost and ipod working perfectly.

  bristolgirl 10:00 04 Jun 2011

Thank you Gengiscant! I will get on and sort it out now.

Thank you all again for your help and support!

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