Itunes and backing up library on laptop

  julius44 06:30 29 Sep 2010

Hello and good morning to everyone. I have a quick sceanrio pls, and its for a friends laptop. My friend has a laptop, and he's also got an external hard drive. He has is about to install itunes on his laptop...and he wishes to backup the library to his external hard drive, BUT if he decides to do this, doesn't hat mean that any time he wishes to listen to his music he'll have to attach the external hard drive to his laptop??? I have a desktop, with 1TB seagate externally powered hard drive, and all my music is backed up to the drive, but i did notice that if I disconnect my hard drive from my pc....i get the message that the media file cannot be located....then I have to recconect my drive and go to the itunes advanced menu and relocate my external drive...then itunes updates it, and my music plays again So what is my friends best option plse if someone can pls go through the correct way step by step, many thanks.

  northumbria61 12:01 29 Sep 2010

I would have thought that if you were doing a "backup" then the original itunes music should still be on your HDD.

See here for instructions - click here

When the transfer is complete, your iTunes Library will have been successfully COPIED to your external hard drive.

  john bunyan 12:38 29 Sep 2010

northumbria61 is quie right. What I do is to have my (2) iTunes libraries on my internal HD (in my music folder). Then every few days i make a mirror image of the whole of my "My Documents" folder - letters, photos, iTunes etc to an external HD using FreeFilesynch. This ensures all my normal data is the same on the back up. In addition I make a clone of the main drive to a second internal HD and an image as well , using ATI. Modern HD drives are usually big enough to keep music on the main drice (I also have about 15 "shrunk" DVD films for iPod - about a gig each)

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