iTunes 9.0.3 64bit download problem

  Wul799 11:15 30 Mar 2010

I have tried to download iTunes onto my Windows 7 64bit Pro and after each download I get the same message 'The software required for communicating with ipods and mobile phones was not installed correctly. Do you want iTunes to try to repair this for you Yes/No'.

Ihave tried yes but it does not repair.

I have followed advice from apple to completely remove alltraces of the software and re-install butget the same result each time. I have seen evidence of this problem or similar on both Apple and Microsoft Discussion forums but not seen an answer yet. Has any one successfully downloaded this software onto Windows7 64 bit/.

  northumbria61 13:19 30 Mar 2010

Hi Wul 799

I would suggest you to try downloading the Windows Installer Cleanup utility and run that to remove the leftover ITunes installer files that may be causing issues with your current installation.

You may refer the following article to download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility:

click here

Click on Start > All Programs and then click Windows Install Cleanup; the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility window appears, listing software that is currently installed on your computer.

Select iTunes from the list and click Remove. If you have multiple iTunes files, remove all of them.

Once you have completed the above steps to Empty your Temp directory, Completely remove iTunes and QuickTime, and Clean up iTunes installer files on the computer, you can install the latest version of iTunes.

You may refer the below mentioned links.

click here

click here

  Wul799 14:55 31 Mar 2010

Thanks to northumbria61 for response. Have tried to respond to him twice but not posted for some reason.Will see if this is posted befor trying again in full.

  Wul799 15:15 31 Mar 2010

Hi northumbria61
Thanks for response----please see previous post.Will try again.
I don't think problem is clearing computer of apple/iTunes, Ihave been following official apple procedure,and have checked libraries etc. Plus more importantly I first downloaded(as per your secondclick now) onto a clean machine straight from Dell setup. But result has been same each time.Also apple/MS discussion groups show many people having same/similar problems but no solutions... is it Itunes 9.03 64bit or Windows7 64bit causing problem?
But have you actually downloaded 9.0.3 64bit onto a Windows7 64bit machine successfully. If so we could compare machines to see if that gives clue.

  northumbria61 23:11 31 Mar 2010

I have to say that I don't use iTunes a lot but I do have version for Win 7 64bit successfully installed and it will play.

  john bunyan 23:17 31 Mar 2010

I also have latest iTunes update installed today on W7 Ultimate 64 bit. I am a little annoyed that it does not let you download first then install, as I like to keep a copy of downloads in a folder. This time it just installed as usual over the top of previous version.

  john bunyan 23:20 31 Mar 2010

The version installed seems to be

  northumbria61 23:21 31 Mar 2010

I have DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) and I was able to download and SAVE - do a check with AVG and then install.

  northumbria61 23:25 31 Mar 2010

Hi Wul799 - have you tried this?

click here

  john bunyan 23:26 31 Mar 2010

Ok. But what about version Number? The latest does seem to be yet Wul799 mentions ??

  northumbria61 23:28 31 Mar 2010

Below "Summary" click on Expand All Sections and follow instructions for Win 7

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