iTunes 7 problems sorted?

  hawthorn59 04:37 15 Mar 2007

Hi. Ive been using itunes 4 up to now, and like it fairly well! I was thinking of getting the latest one, v7, but did read of problems with it. Anyone know if these have been sorted?

Should I just get v6? And anyone know if windows MP 11 has its earlier problems fixed?


  julius44 06:54 15 Mar 2007

Hi thehill, ive had iteunes 7 on my desktop for about 15 months, and apart from a little hiccup with it once or twice i'd personally say its 100% faultless. The latest version is 7.1...and it works fine for me...but i have windows XP...and NOT Vista. I have read articles that their r problems for vista customers. It is the best music player to have, and so easy to use,....compared to windows media player which i personally dont like. So i'd say give it a try..u'll be hooked. if u use xp..then u'll be fine, and hoooked to!!

  ^wave^ 08:00 15 Mar 2007

i have the v7 and no probs here

  daisy2bell 08:50 15 Mar 2007

I've got itunes 7 and so far its problem free (XP). Give it a try

  Kate B 09:59 15 Mar 2007

v7 is flaky with Vista and Apple seems in no hurry to sort it out. Early versions of v6 were flaky on XP, with music jumping and doing a Rice Krispies impersonation: snap, crackle and pop. It seemed better by the time I upgraded to Vista, though, so worth a try.

  hawthorn59 02:20 16 Mar 2007

OK folks, i think I'll try v 7.1 I can always go back to 4 or 5.....I hope!



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