wendyr 15:20 03 Jun 2005

Last week I downloaded itunes 4.8 onto the pc. I tried importing an audio cd but the pc froze and I had to reboot (I have tried several times but the pc always freezes). I have tried unintalling and reinstalling and finally uninstalling itunes. Then I tried to import a cd using WMP and again the pc freezes. Before I bothered with itunes I ripped cds quickly and without any trouble and now I can't do anything. Anyone out there who can help? I've spent hours looking at the itunes forum on Apple's website and a number of people are having the same problem.


  Driller 15:29 03 Jun 2005

It's possible it's your CD/DVD ROM I have the same problem. I can download from my Samsung burner but not my Toshiba DVD ROM, if I do it freezes the computer. I found the info on one of the Itunes forums.

Hope this helps

  Monument 15:29 03 Jun 2005

I have used iTunes successfully since its launch in tandem with WMP.

I would suggest you use System Restore to get back to where you were before the initial install of iTunes.

Other than insuring your AV is switched off on install (i would not be online as a consequence) I can not make any other suggestion.

  wendyr 19:47 04 Jun 2005

Hi Monument
I have done a system restore to the day before I installed itunes. I then tried ripping a cd in WMP and the machine froze but it managed to ripped 14 tracks before freezing. So I'm back at square one again.

Thanks anyway.


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