chaztait 17:08 22 Feb 2005

Hi i have Itunes for my IPod and i want to move a song up or down but it wont let me for example in Windows Media Player you can move a song up or down but in this you cant. Does anyone know how i can acheive this?



  Diodorus Siculus 18:29 22 Feb 2005

I do this by creating playlists, rather than having all my library on display.

  chaztait 21:52 22 Feb 2005

anyone know how to do it?

  matt1234 22:03 22 Feb 2005

highlight the songs u want and drag them into the source colum making the playlist

  chaztait 22:10 22 Feb 2005

but i dont want to make a play list i want to for example

Song title 1
Song title 2

and i want to swap them about so its

Song title 2
Song title 1

  matt1234 16:46 23 Feb 2005

im sorry i tunes wont do that unless its in a playlist, doing that makes no harm to your ipod or music

  chaztait 17:32 23 Feb 2005

yes i know but i dont get why i cant change them about without creating a playlist does anyone know if there is another programme you can put ur IPod songs onto?

  Lead 04:18 24 Feb 2005

I'm curious as to why you would want to do this. Like already mentioned, if you want to create a specific order to your songs, then a playlist is the way to go.

However, are they songs from an album? If they are, you could try renumbering them. For example:

1 of 12 - Song 1
2 of 12 - Song 2

Edit to

1 of 12 - Song 2
2 of 12 - Song 1

That way iTunes would order the library to your liking.

There are several programs that will allow you to manage the songs on the iPod. But I don't know if they will allow you to do what you are asking.

I used Ephpod for a while click here but now use iTunes exclusively. But it's a management tool, rather than a media player.

Try click here for more information.

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