iTune library problem Multiple users

  alfredgerald 15:05 26 Mar 2013

Just downloaded iTune version 4 users on PC each with separate access to iTunes. The new software has updated 3 of the users libraries but not the fourth. He has a library of all the others combined. He just wants his own. Any thoughts. Have reinstalled it twice with the same results.

  difarn 16:23 26 Mar 2013

When you were setting up the libraries did you follow the method described in this article?

  john bunyan 17:12 26 Mar 2013

If you press and hold down the shift key as iTunes launches you can choose which library to launch, or create a new library. If his is missing create a new one with his name on it.

  alfredgerald 19:52 26 Mar 2013

Thank both of you. Still having trouble. Reverted to a previous library but it still shows the entire tunes from the 4 users. I think I may have consolidated the 4 some how. Is there any way out? I have tried to delete some but it tells me I will hide them in the cloud. Does this mean from my folder only or the whole computer?

  john bunyan 21:17 26 Mar 2013

Cloud only keeps downloaded iTunes.

At worst create new libraries and then in "Music" , use the "Add folder to the Library" function. You could create folders in windows explorer for each person and drag and drop the sub folders into them as appropriate.

  alfredgerald 12:09 27 Mar 2013

Thanks John Bunyan. Found a long winded way myself. I used Restore System to replace older edition of iTunes. Then replaced libraries with files from my back up disc. Then downloaded latest iTunes. It work OK this time and everybody has his or her own tunes. I’m sure there must be an easier way though.

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