It's a well designed site

  Forum Editor 09:40 30 Nov 2003

and attention has been paid to detail, so I can only find a couple of points on which to comment:-

1. You can't have something that is "very unique" or "most unique" - it's simply "unique", which is word of Latin origin meaning 'only one'

2. I personally don't like hit counters - they are pretty meaningless, and send a message: "This is an amateur site".

3. There are probably too many navigation buttons. It might be better to group the various Shadow boxes in some way and use a single button to access them. People can tire of waiting for new pages to load, and I would have thought it possible to group several boxes on one page if the text was in a smaller font size - or even a different font.

My only other comment is that Christmas is perhaps one time of the year when people might go all gooey and want to order one of these boxes - if it were my business I wouldn't want to be shutting down from Dec 19th to Jan 6th. Surely, if the orders are processed by a third party card processing company there's no need to mention a shut down? It might be sufficient to say that orders placed over the holiday period may be subject to a slight delivery delay. Just a thought.

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