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  Diemmess 12:00 11 Sep 2003

Anyone out there with an idea of how to get at the mechanics of an Epson EPL-5800. It is a paper transport problem.

Single copies - everything goes fine

Multiple copies whatever paper, or however carefully the paper is fanned out before use, will print fewer and fewer copies before the printer tries to scoop the lot and of course jams.

I think this is a design problem because from new it was never to be trusted over about 10 copies, but now is a *[email protected]:-up whether it will manage 3 at present. ............. Fortunately I don't need multiple copies every day.

It has not had a hard life, is well out of warranty and has 25% of the toner and about 85% of the photoconducter left.

I'm game to "have a go" but most printers make it difficult for ordinary mortals to get inside, and a lifetime of enjoying fixing things has brought up a basic Law - Beware the thing that goes-Dohyyinggg!!!

  Diemmess 12:11 11 Sep 2003

Don't know whether to embarrased or amused by the changed text in my thread.........Quote - *[email protected]:-up

This was meant to describe the act that consenting cricketers do when choosing who shall bat first....... They throw a coin into the air, catch it and call......... No I had better not try and re-use the simple word meaning it was all a matter of chance.

That is some filter guarding this forum!!

  Diemmess 12:29 11 Sep 2003

plankton - thanks, though the most promising file is a PDF of the handbook which I have........ I'm looking for a blow by blow acount of where to poke the screwdriver (fingers crossed very hard).

  Simsy 13:08 11 Sep 2003

using the word "poke"! LOL



  Diemmess 13:54 11 Sep 2003

I'm lazy........ Having fiddled with an obsolete village photocopier I know what you mean and can see two likely rollers....... The snag is to get at them!........ And (sour grapes), there don't seem to be any contra-rotating rollers to "wind back" the lower layers of paper that are trying to be included and cause a jam.

To undo the average printer case, you need a catechism of procedures and devices to hold back plastic clips in secret places while pushing/pulling a certain moulding in a certain way ----- that is the info I seek!

  Legolas 14:52 11 Sep 2003

Do you mean toss-up

  Diemmess 15:33 11 Sep 2003

Your contributions are plainly always welcomed and "firewalled"

JJCUK - Would probably work, but not what I have in mind for reports, documents and A4 folded booklets. ....Perish the thought but it can be brutal just dragging out a 3 sheet jam of 90g paper. A jam of anything heavier might be terminal.

If no definitive workshop (Haines type) manual appears I will try a "Laparotomy" later when I have both courage and opportunity at the same time.

  Diemmess 15:46 11 Sep 2003

The R.A.F. have a saying too ... "don't force it, use a bigger hammer!"

  Diemmess 16:46 11 Sep 2003

Sounds very plausible... To suit my feelings it might be worth two passes, as gritty side up and gritty side down.

Not over thrilled with the cleaning fluid idea....... if it is isopropyl or any other regular alcohol, it will risk a fire when a hot fuser lamp lights up......

Thinks*** How about Ethylene Glycol***, (antifreeze). Ages ago a version was sold expensively in tiny tubes to moisten a dust collector pad and brush running on the surface of LP records?

And there's always Adam's ale with a drop of washing up liquid.

  Diemmess 17:02 11 Sep 2003

Thanks to everyone for a range of ideas. There is an approved Epson repair place at Tewkesbury more likely to know the answer than a bod with a list of FAQs at the end of a phone.

The difficulty there will be in being allowed to speak with someone away from his workbench, but worth a try.

A video of me assaulting a laser printer will be available on DVD after I have posted a new thread on how to do that.

  Diemmess 13:44 12 Sep 2003

I agree totally about the quaity and content of all contributors.

I decided to leave abrasive paper out for the present, cracked my freshly washed fingers and started a stage by stage disembowelling.

For EPL5800 enthusiasts there's nothing hidden - but it rewards finding the correct screws first! Remove paper tray- remove side covers - remove front cover, paper guides and then the bottom system of pads, rollers and cogs can be extracted like a Chinese puzzle. I had to be careful to remove a tiny cable connector from an awkward corner.............

I gave up. - After wiping everything I could reach without disturbing the position of some cogs and a cam. To get this gadget out of sync. would be a disaster, a risk I did not want to take.

I did turn some squashy rubber tubing which helps grab paper passing though to print, this is not a roller and so now exposes a fresh surface.

It all went back together (once I did it in the right order) and it prints normally.

I wish I could say it was OK but it still starts being silly after a couple of copies. There is still something to be said for the hammer!

Like most printers, this is a masterpiece of precision engineering, probably no allowance for adjustment. The proper thing would be to identify and fit Part No xxyyzz...... I will live with it.

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