Its still there ,

  nutty norm 21:22 28 Oct 2011

The Google search box is sat in the middle of my Firefox desktop if i could draw a diagram looking a the desktop headon, Google search box is there but there does not seem what ever i do it will not shift clicking on it make not a bit of difference to itPuzzled

  birdface 21:39 28 Oct 2011

Try going into View.Toolbars and if it is on there untick it.Or have a look in add-ons and if if it is in there disable or remove it.

  birdface 21:40 28 Oct 2011

You cannot go about opening new threads with the same subject you have to stick to the one and close the other Two.

  lotvic 23:06 28 Oct 2011

"The Google search box is sat in the middle of my Firefox desktop"

Does it look like this ClickHere

  nutty norm 23:31 28 Oct 2011

Yes it does look like that lotvic, but it still will not budge , i have took of firefox but it still on internet explorer page now its doing my head and it looks as though i will have to stick with it seeing imstuck with it watevever i do, Thanks for everyboddy fir being patient, Nutty norm.

  birdface 07:07 29 Oct 2011

Looks like you have set it as your home page on Firefox and I/E.

To change it in Firefox.

To change it in I/E.

Tools.Internet Options.general.And in the box remove The Firefox Page and either put this one in.Or one of your own. once you have typed or pasted that in Press apply at the bottom .

  birdface 07:10 29 Oct 2011

Ignore the Firefox click here it does not work. Just go to tools.Options.General.Remove the Firefox home page that is in there and either put this one in or one of your own. then click ok at the bottom and see if that works Ok.

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