Its still there ,

  nutty norm 21:22 28 Oct 2011

The Google search box is sat in the middle of my Firefox desktop if i could draw a diagram looking a the desktop headon, Google search box is there but there does not seem what ever i do it will not shift clicking on it make not a bit of difference to itPuzzled

  lotvic 23:06 28 Oct 2011

"The Google search box is sat in the middle of my Firefox desktop"

Does it look like this ClickHere

  nutty norm 23:31 28 Oct 2011

Yes it does look like that lotvic, but it still will not budge , i have took of firefox but it still on internet explorer page now its doing my head and it looks as though i will have to stick with it seeing imstuck with it watevever i do, Thanks for everyboddy fir being patient, Nutty norm.

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