Chimpy5uk 16:27 28 Oct 2004

Please forgive the somewhat retarded question, but how do i go about finding out if a new Graphics card will fit within my PC. I currently run a Dell 8200 with a NVIDIA GEO FX 3 TI200 and want to upgrade to a FX 6800 before Half Life 2 hits the shelves, only trouble is i am not sure if the card itself will fit within the 8200 cabinet.

Told you it was a daft question!!


  hillybilly 16:39 28 Oct 2004

It's not daft, but what you need is for some kind person who has this graphics card "FX 6800"
To be kind enough to post back here the diemensions, then you can get your case open and have a measure up. Good Luck!

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