its not a new subject

  nutty norm 15:52 07 Nov 2012

i am still having problem with this SD card it still keeps saying it need formatting which i have already done, and also that it is corrupted if it is corrupted why is that i can still take pictures and still download them through a USB Lead from my camera, i also have a Sony camera with an Memory stick pro duo and this works fine on my computer windows 7, I have had a lots of suggestions as what to do i none of them seem to work so im of the opinion should i buy a new SD Card and try again, for this Nikon Coolpix. Nutty Norm

  woodchip 15:59 07 Nov 2012

yes it looks like that one, as something not right with the partition info on the sd card

  woodchip 16:04 07 Nov 2012

Its a bit like a normal hard drive that as a index file at the front of the drive telling it where all the info is on the drive, if it's faulty it's like in a Library if the one working at the desk does not know where the book is you would need to look all over to find the book, and if the book was not there you would be looking forever hat's why faulty hard drives freeze as the do not know what to do when the index is broken or corrupt

  nutty norm 17:50 08 Nov 2012

Thanks spider legs for that comment the camera is only 5 months old and i bought it on an impulse when on a trip to New York from a camera shop there, The card is a Transcend 4GB it says on the front and it looks Ok , so i will buy a new card to be on the safe side, thanks to all for your patients, Nutty Norm

  nutty norm 17:52 08 Nov 2012

Thanks to woodchip also for all your answers, Nutty Norm

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