It's not new - Connie's back (on prozac)

  Jackieanne 04:02 27 Mar 2003

Maybe I need some too (prozac!) I got to Barry White but I think I've saved him to the wrong place! Sorry Djohn - do you get many as thick as me?

  Djohn 04:12 27 Mar 2003

Your not thick by any means, it was not long ago that the only thing I knew, was how to turn the PC on. I was at those early times embarrassed to ask what I thought would be easy questions, but in the end I started to ask, and it is with the help of this forum and it's users, that I now know a little more. J.

  Djohn 04:15 27 Mar 2003

Go back to Keyword, and type, *AOL SOUNDS*, when the window comes up, click on the Barry White picture, and at the bottom left of that window, click on, *Update sounds*, that will do it for you. J.

  Jackieanne 04:17 27 Mar 2003

That's all very well & all but how do I get Bazzer to where I want him? I DO mean on my welcome screen

  Djohn 04:26 27 Mar 2003

If you mean, a photo of Barry on your welcome screen, then I'm afraid that can't be done, not for now any way.

AOL8 will soon be out on release and you can alter your welcome screen, and many other settings as well. Won't be long now. J.

  Jackieanne 04:33 27 Mar 2003

I know this (aol 8) I'm putting it on the new computer!!! I've got it!!!

  Jackieanne 04:35 27 Mar 2003

No! what I meant was when I click on update sounds I get another box that asks me where to save it to? How the heck would I know?

  Djohn 04:42 27 Mar 2003

Sorry, when you click on *Update sounds*, and you get the instruction on how to save, then click on continue.

Now a window will come up asking you where you want to save, in this window it will say, aol, and there will already be a file name in the save box, just click on *Save*, it will know where to save it to.J.

  Jackieanne 04:57 27 Mar 2003

Right I think I've done that so if not it'll still need sorting on the new comp but the printer needs sorting as it's going, Ive written down instructions so will be logging off after this to try & sort it. By the way I'd got the Zonelabs bit but wasn't sure how good - I tried it & seemed ok but needed setting up right then found info to set up on aol.Should run free version or invest£13.26 (offer price 'till 10th April) on full version? Managed to get web address for AVG but mistakenly tried to print your link - stupid move!!! Will stay on for next ten mins or so for answer but hubbies alarm just gone off!!!

  Djohn 05:02 27 Mar 2003

Free version is fine, and the one I use. Don't worry about the links, when you sign back on, go to LINKS at the top of the help page, (Blue letters), click on that and it will give you the address of both of those and many more useful downloads. Good luck. J.

  Jackieanne 05:06 27 Mar 2003

Thankyou & goodbye ......for now.
PS It still wasn't Bazzer that told me I had e-mail but I'll get back to that one!!!

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