Wavey75 18:04 07 Mar 2008

I have a new motherboard with new build of WinXP home SP2.
I performed a clean install on the tested and working hard drive.
When I get into windows I can use it for about 10 to 30 minutes and all of a sudden, the screen freezes, I can't use the mouse or the keyboard at all! The only way to get out of it is pressing the reset button on the front of the box.
The problem repeats and the time you get from when it first starts up and freezes gets shorter at times.
I've checked the hard disk, I got another drive, put that in, rebuilt it with WinXP in this machine and it did the same thing.
I've checked the keyboard and mouse to see if they are faulty but when I used them in another pc, they worked fine.
I've checked the temperature in the bios, while the pc is turned on and with the side of to physically see if it is overheating anywhere, and it isn't.
This is a replacement motherboard for an originally faulty motherboard.
Both motherboards are Intel chipset with a Celeron CPU.
The memory is DDR and both dimms are the same speed, I forget which, but I did check to see if they were compatible with the replacement motherboard, and they are too.
So, to recap:
PC is fine while installing windows XP home SP2.
After install, start to add the correct device drivers from the manufacturer's CD and that goes ok too.
Keep windows on and use it online, notepad, etc. and it eventually freezes up.
WinXP is an authentic copy with an authentic serial.key.

Any idea what’s causing this please?

  rossgolf 18:07 07 Mar 2008

start > run> sfc /scannow
may need xp disc

  ACOLYTE 18:31 07 Mar 2008

You say you start to install device drivers from manufacturers cd,maybe one of those if causing the problem,try adding one driver at a time and see what happens you could also see if windows loads it's default drivers and you still get the errors.Also you say you use it online did you install any virus software before you got online?,i know its a small chance you got a virus but you never know.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 07 Mar 2008

FReeezing PC

1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

2. PSU voltages

3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here

5. virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

6. driver conflicts especially grahics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

  Totally-braindead 18:47 07 Mar 2008

It sounds greatly like overheating to me, the system would shut down to prevent damage and if you then restart because it was already warm the time before overheating occured again would be much shorter.

Consider removing the CPU fan and heatsink, removing all the old thermal paste and renewing it and refitting it.

  T0SH 19:18 07 Mar 2008

Have you checked in the event viewer for possible clues ?

Cheers HC

  Wavey75 19:57 07 Mar 2008

Hi rossgolf,
Tried that 1st, did a thorough scan, even rebooted with the blue screen 5 stage drive scan, drive and partition ok.

after installing each driver, I went into device mangler (mgr) and could see all ok and started properly. Got anti-virus installed, during install scan ran, found no spyware, virus or any other ware, and yes did it after updating virus def's.

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\,
Yes, I cleaned my fan for the CPU/heatsink out, it was dusty. I can see my cpu fan, board fan & psu fan they are all spinning well. PSU has only 2 settings, but thos tower with psu has been running for a while pprior to 1st motherboard failing, so it's been ok and remains unchanged. unless you mean a fault has devekoped and that I should change the psu? Houehold power surges, tried using it on my power surge protector, which I use occasionally, it still happens the same.
Have run memtest as I thought it was memory or mem slots, but came back a ok. as for virus, see above.

Hi Totally-braindead,
yes, O thought it was overheating too, but the system isn't shutting down, it freezes, cannot operate it at all, it does not shut itslef down, i.e. turn your pc on, get it to do somthing like copy a file from one place to another, take a photo of it - that's what happens. O did remove the cpu & fan when I took it off of the old faulty motherboard and put it into this new replacement. it looks clean and it is connecting, as the temperatures in the bois are all within ranges, etc.

Yes, I checked Event Viewer, one of the first things I did. I couldn't see any errors ar all! some warnings to do with no internet connection, but nothing else. Ot's a blooming mystery...
Anything else?

  Ashrich 20:07 07 Mar 2008

What about the graphics card , that can also overheat if the fan is a bit flaky ...or if it isn't getting the correct power supplied to it ( too much or too little ) does it require a separate supply ?


  skidzy 20:22 07 Mar 2008

Totally-braindead has pointed you towards your cpu,i tend to agree based on the information given.

You have not mentioned if you have applied new thermal paste/compound only that;

" O did remove the cpu & fan when I took it off of the old faulty motherboard and put it into this new replacement. it looks clean and it is connecting, "

Thing is the bios will only show idle temperatures not stressed temperatures.

If you are confident of the cpu being ok,then i would be looking at the psu.

  Wavey75 21:16 07 Mar 2008

Hi Ashrich,
Forgot to mention that all devices are built onto motherboard except wireless PCI LAN card (nic) but all devices are reporting they are working correctly, so no fan are sticky.

Hi Skidzy,
If the CPU was close to overheating, then wouldn't the system warn me, or I would get that error to say "Your System will be shutting down in 60 seconds..." if it was a fault with the CPU then it wouldn't be addressed correctly and it would not sucessfully pass a 'boot' P.O.S.T. test?
I will see if I can find another CPU and will try that one, plkus it can't hurt to check for bent over pind again or something else I may have missed.
I will post again once I am confident about the CPU overheating/faulty.

  skidzy 21:22 07 Mar 2008

Thing is wavey,the machine will post ok even if the cpu has no thermal paste and will work ok for a bit,once the cpu heats up you can expect this freezing as you are getting.

Though i would have thought the mobo has an alarm to warn you of this once the bios temp reaches cut off.

Can you confirm if thermal is visible or has been replaced on the cpu ?

For what it costs,i think i would clean and replace the thermal paste and see what happens.

Worse case scenerio,you have spent a couple of pounds on paste but have eliminated this issue.

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