It's a big quiet here tonight

  Dorsai 21:52 18 Jun 2004

I Know it's friday, but it seems a bit quiet here tonight.

Is there some sort of sporting event on the televisual Box? Perhaps involving 22 men chasing an inflated pig's bladder round a field, (surrounded by drunken yobs) with the hope of kicking it (the bladder) into an old fishing net supported between two old fence posts?

Any way, the local curry emporium requires frequenting....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:57 18 Jun 2004

The Italians have been held to a draw again.

The wonders of a TV card.


  canute44 22:30 18 Jun 2004

Try starting a thread on Bad Spelling. Things will liven up a bit then judging by last night!!

  dagwoood 22:46 18 Jun 2004

Dorsai, I've noticed that the activity on the site drops off during the weekend evenings.

Obviously members prefer to spend the evening in the pub after a hard week at work instead of enjoying the wonders of logging on to the pca forum ;-)


  end 23:59 18 Jun 2004

is that the best description you have of football???? and the field is not round, it is a squashed square....

and fruitbat/\0/
who is going to pull the trigger first????

  2neat 00:38 19 Jun 2004

Hmm yer gd nite

  Migwell 00:40 19 Jun 2004

Who has something to do, that is not connected with computers. Oh my, how boring, wasting your time on something as dull as football.

  Daz35 00:56 19 Jun 2004

Yorkie - It's not for girls.....

  Dorsai 21:00 19 Jun 2004

Ah well, yes that is by best description of foot ball, and no i won't start a new thread on spelling........

  end 21:08 19 Jun 2004

you do know there ARE girls football teams , dont you??????

  Daz35 04:13 20 Jun 2004

1. Watch Soccer A.M when it comes back on

2. If you knew anything about the subject, you'd realise what I was saying.

Yorkie - It's not for Irish computer people......

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