It's Baffling me - boot up (new) PC ok but nothing on monitor, no power either?

  AroundAgain 22:13 17 Jul 2013

Hi I'm rather baffled and certainly very curious regarding this situation.

On behalf of a friend, I have got her newly delivered (refurbished etc) PC from Dell. We've unpacked it carefully, plugged it in to a spare monitor, booted it up - absolutely nothing on the monitor, including no power.

So, tried it using my main monitor and exactly the same thing happens.

Obviously, I'll be calling Dell tomorrow but I can't understand it. I can understand there maybe no output from the port, but why would the power be absent as well?

As I said, I'm curious as it just doesn't seem to have any logic and I'd be interested to learn what might be the situation.

Thanks for any suggestions re the cause. As I said, I'll be contacting Dell so I suspect it may have to be replaced.


  AroundAgain 22:32 17 Jul 2013

Just to add, PC has Win 8 loaded (or should have) I also tried different monitor cables, power cables, in addition to two monitors. Cheers

  Siberian Winter 22:35 17 Jul 2013

Did you use the same power cable both times? If so it is possible that the fuse in the plug has blown. It's easy enough to check it. Also check with something else plugged into the socket (a lamp maybe) to make sure the socket is OK. If two monitors have no power it suggests the problem is in the power supply rather than the monitors themselves.

  AroundAgain 22:39 17 Jul 2013

Thanks SW Yes, I tried two different power cables, including the cable that is running the machine I'm using now.

It has to be something in the Dell machine, I think, as that is the only common denominator. I am just interested as to what would cause both no output AND no power to the monitor, when all works well on my main machine. It really does baffle me.

Thanks for your suggestion though.

  hiwatt 22:43 17 Jul 2013

I'd go with it the PSU?Open it up to check that it's connected properly.

  AroundAgain 22:50 17 Jul 2013

Thanks hiwatt I'm tempted to open it up but as it was only delivered today, and under warranty, I'd rather check with Dell tomorrow first. Hopefully, they will then give me the ok to open it to check bits but I suspect they will offer to replace it.

As I said, I'm just curious as to what would cause this issue.

Thanks again

  bumpkin 11:26 18 Jul 2013

Is the monitor power connection via the PC or directly from its own socket. If it is via the PC then try it direct from the mains.

  AroundAgain 22:54 18 Jul 2013

Hi I've only just found your latest posts - I didn't get any notifications for some reason.

Anyway, problems solved today. I re-plugged PC and (old) monitor in and, for some reason, all came on. However, the old monitor needed resolution changing but the screen was flashing all over so that wasn't possible.

So, tried it with my (main) monitor but although PC fired up, the monitor had no power, just like last evening.

Then, it dawned on me! I wondered if there had to be a simple explanation - and there is!!! I had forgotten that my PC, monitor and other bits are all plugged into a particular computer extension bank which, yes, turns all devices/bits OFF when the PC powers down!!! So, I've temporarily plugged the monitor in to a separate socket, just while I set up my fried's new PC.

So, I'm feeling a total idiot now ;) My apologies to you all but I had to come clean, eh?

Thanks for all your help and suggestions Cheers

  onthelimit1 07:24 19 Jul 2013

Happens to most of us from time to time!

  AroundAgain 10:32 19 Jul 2013

Yes, thanks. That's true I'm pleased you've acknowledged that Still feel so daft, though ;) Cheers

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