It's all Greek!

  Severn Bore 19:37 24 Sep 2004

A friend with Win 98 on his PC has encountered a strange problem. His Windows Help file content displays in Greek! He has checked the International Settings under Control Panel and this is set as UK and all else works in English.
He noticed that the font was a bit large, so resized it. This also returned him to an English contents list, but with the contents headings still in Greek!
I suggested it might be a virus, but he assures me he has checked for this and in fact only uses this particular PC off line.
I know Athens was flavour of the month this summer, but this is ridiculous.
Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:02 24 Sep 2004

Greek is my speciality (albeit classical / biblical) so if you want a tranlator, I will send you my rates!

Seriously though, have they ever been in English?

  Severn Bore 20:24 24 Sep 2004

To be honest, I am not sure. Will check with my friend!

  Dorsai 21:05 24 Sep 2004

There is nothing wrong with Greek. Other that their strange habit with a small bin in the loo and where you put the bog paper.

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