Is it worthwhile to upgrade from XP2000+ to 2100+?

  Daddo 20:29 02 Sep 2003


I have a motherboard that can with an updated Bios support a Athlon XP 2100+. Thanks goes out to those who helped me with an earlier question. Would upgrading to a XP 2100+ be worth it? I play a lot of games on my PC and would (when I can afford it) like to upgrade. Memory 512 to 1GB, Graphics card to GFX 5600 or higher (or ATI 9700 or faster) and had planned to upgrade CPU. So is it worth upgrading CPU?

  Peverelli 20:43 02 Sep 2003

from XP2000+ to 2100+? In a word 'No'. To be worth paying out for an upgrade I wouldn't bother with anything unless there was at least a 50% increase.

  mikef. 20:45 02 Sep 2003

You will more than likely notice no difference what so ever by upgrading from 2000+ to 2100+, I was told once to notice any real difference you would have to double it. You have mentioned the two things that would make a differnce however, increasing RAM and a higher quality grahics card.

  mikef. 20:47 02 Sep 2003

snap, and a quicker typist Peverelli :-)

  Rayuk 20:53 02 Sep 2003

Graphics card would be your best bet

  Peverelli 20:57 02 Sep 2003

Only just - but yours was a longer and more explicit reply :O)

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