is it worth upgrading to windows 7?

  rob162 17:40 29 Oct 2009

just bought a dell studio xps with intel core i7 950 etcetc any ways, it comes standard with vista but i can apply for a free windows 7 upgrade, would it be worth upgrading? is it alot of hastle upgrading like previous versions of windows?

  sunnystaines 17:45 29 Oct 2009

apply for the free windows 7 now and install when you want.

i would give it a try, use the clean upgrade install workaround i posted on w7 forum then you can go back to vista if not happy.

  rob162 17:54 29 Oct 2009

are there any likely troubles i mite run into when upgrading or is it just straight foreward?

  woodchip 18:04 29 Oct 2009

If it was me, I would dump Vista fast

  woodchip 18:05 29 Oct 2009

You may need to check to see if same hardware drivers work with it first

  rob162 18:05 29 Oct 2009

well u say that but ive had vista since the day it came out on my current laptop and it hasnt missed a beat

  rdave13 18:17 29 Oct 2009

I also liked Vista. Running fine for over two years and still on laptop. Installed windows 7 on xp machine and seems a tad better than Vista. Worth getting Windows 7 upgrade for just over 20 squids even if you don't use it now.

  sunnystaines 19:49 29 Oct 2009

make sure you have a folder to save w7 drivers in advance.

check microsoft reliability download to check your software & hardware.

make a note of you display settings, save personal files and favorites and off you go.

  rdave13 19:56 29 Oct 2009

As sunnystains but run the upgrade advisor to see if any problems found first; click here
If not, and as you have Vista, can't see many problems, if any, backup all files and folders, favourites, photos etc. that you can.

  gazzaho 09:28 30 Oct 2009

I converted to W7 because I was beginning to have issues with Vista, very slow boot times with external drives connected and problems with Windows Updates refusing to install correctly (even on a virgin install) being another.

I've only had W7 installed a few days and from what I can tell some of my Vista problems have been addressed but have been replaced by new problems. Now when I resume from sleep mode my computer freezes, requiring a reboot, something that didn't occur with Vista.

The above advice is all good but I would also add if you decide to try W7 I would recommend using Acronis True Image or similar and an external hard drive, make a disk image of Vista before you start so you can easily go back if you decide not to use W7.

I also made a disk image directly after the W7 installation, before making any drastic changes, in order to give me an easy way to return to the start if driver updates or other problems occurred. Using Acronis has made it a relatively painless transition for me.

  john bunyan 09:37 30 Oct 2009

I have not yet switched from XP but was thinking of either a dual boot W 7 / XP by partitioning my drive, or using my slave drive; I think you need ATI version 13 for w7? I have ATI 11 so was thinking of getting the new version prior to W7 installation. Any views - also, maybe, is it worth getting W7 Pro that has a XP facility?

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