Is it worth upgrading from Office 2000 to XP?

  MOMORRIS 20:27 16 Feb 2004

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop running Windows Xp. I have Office 2000 installed and running well, my question is:- Is it worth upgrading to Office XP?

  Lozzy 20:29 16 Feb 2004

No there not enough of a diff in my opinion to upgrade.. Wait till the next version comes out.. Save your dosh

  spikeychris 20:37 16 Feb 2004

Office 2003 is already out and its beautifull...

  JIM 20:39 16 Feb 2004

If as you say all is running well and you have gone to the trouble of updating 2000 and your happy.Stay as you are would be my per/choice.

And i did do what you are thinking about and enjoy the upgrade.But!! do i need all that it offers? Mind you the same could have been said about Office 2000 at the time:)

  MOMORRIS 20:45 16 Feb 2004

If i did decide to upgrade, is the Office XP reverse compliant i.e. can i re-install office 2000 with little or no probs?

  VoG II 21:05 16 Feb 2004

You would need to uninstall Office XP first or you'll have problems.

There isn't that much difference between 2000 and XP - I would go for 2003. As spikeychris said it is beautiful - really, really good.

  Chris the Ancient 22:02 16 Feb 2004

I have to agree with VoG.

My wife inherited my older machine, so I moved my Office XP Pro to my machine.

I did not remove XP very well off her machine before installing my old 2000. And I have had problems. Not insurmountable problems, but they are there.

And I refuse to go for a complete system rebuild, so I have to navigate her round the wobbly bits that remain.

Serves me right!


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