Is it worth upgrading my graphics card?

  [email protected] 02:31 11 May 2005

Is it worth upgrading from my current Geforce 5700 (vanilla 128mb) to a Geforce 6 600 (vanilla 256mb, not GT).

I know it will be faster but would it be £80 faster :-)

  Diodorus Siculus 07:35 11 May 2005

What's the rest of the spec of the machine? Extra RAM / faster hard disk may be better way to spend the money.

  anchor 09:10 11 May 2005

I really depends how you use your PC. If you are not a gamer, then the answer is probably no.

As Diodorus Siculus says, extra RAM, followed by a faster large hard disc, would be the way to go if you don`t play games.

  [email protected] 10:26 11 May 2005


I do play the odd game (HL2 included).

The rest of the machine is a 2400 Athlon with 1gb of 3200 RAM.

  [email protected] 10:29 11 May 2005

Sry & a reasonably new 120gb HD.

  [email protected] 10:29 11 May 2005

Sry & a reasonably new 120gb HD.

  simonp1 10:44 11 May 2005

If you dont play many games i would say no. If you wanted it for games then a 6600gt really would be worth the investment for £140, but again for general use i wouldnt change it

  Indigo 1 11:01 11 May 2005

You might notice a little more 'smoothness' in the graphics when gaming but you would not really benefit from the upgrade untill you have a faster CPU.

I would check for the fastest CPU your motherboard can support first, then if you are still unsatisfied with the graphics you should consider the upgrade. If you already have the fastest CPU that your mobo can use then the difference would be hardly worth it.

RAM quality can also play a big part in the equation too, if you have low cost RAM (unbuffered) and mismatched (1 old 512 + 1 new 512) it cannot compare to something like Corsair which is buffered and makes a big difference when gaming.

Once you start down this road to perfection you will always be looking for the fastest and best and it can get very expensive.

Are you having problems when gaming or just suspect that an upgrade might make things a little better ?

  [email protected] 22:46 11 May 2005

Thanks for the feedback all

The main reason for wanting to upgrade was really to smooth out HL2 / CS Counterstrike which is probably the main game I play. It was just a wee bit juttery though dropping the detail & sticking with 800 x 600 smoothed it out.

Not too keen to change motherboard & processor right now so went & got the new card today.

It seems to have done the trick & Counterstrike now plays luvery even with anti alaising switched to 2 so objective achieved!

Strange thing is though that it has only added a few hundred points onto my 3dmark 2001 score (about 9600 from 9300!) although my "real life" subjective impression is that its made more of a difference than just 3 or 4%.

Thats life I suppose - now onto ebay to flog my (perfectly good) 5700 :-)

  gudgulf 22:57 11 May 2005

That's the cpu/memory you have coming in to play...3D mark 2001 is very dependent on the overall system rather than graphics card alone.Try using 3D mark 03 or 05 to compare.

Or better still trust your own opinion----in real gaming the new card is noticabley faster.

  simonp1 10:25 12 May 2005

3dmark 2001, can give you some false ideas?

I had a 9800pro which ran at 17500, then i went to a 6600gt which went down to 15500, but the actuall game play and FPS increased with the 6600GT..

Its best to use the lastest BM as that now gives a better indication of gaming performance

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