Is it worth upgrading?

  cracker23 14:44 23 Jan 2003
  cracker23 14:44 23 Jan 2003

hi i have had my computer for 4 months bought it 2nd hand and it works fine-i have had more memory put in and have been thinking of having a new processor & motherboard fitted it's a AMD Duron 950 although i have been told that it's been clocked-obviously before i got it i'd like advice as to weather it's worth having this done as i'm not sure as i said it's working fine thanks

  Ming Bloke 14:55 23 Jan 2003

I have been told that a 1100duron chip is cheaper. I wanted to up grade but then I bought and xbox and buy my games for my computer only computes.I will get a bigger hard disc and I got 192ram. I use a celeron chip at the moment(433) and it goes fine.
Upgrade to what you think you need.

  Patr100 14:57 23 Jan 2003

No, if it's working fine.For most programs you won't notice any difference.

  goonerbill 15:55 23 Jan 2003

if ya using ya pc for word docs, spreadsheets etc. you probably wont notice much difference. if ya playing games as well, a cpu and graphics card upgrade will be worth thinking off. post ya full specs mobo make, total ram and type, graphics card and people will have a better idea on what to advise you on upgrades.

  Gongoozler 16:07 23 Jan 2003

cracker23, I don't think it is worth putting a faster processor in unless you can go to about 50% faster, in your case that would be a 1.3G Duron. If you want to do that, first check that your motherboard can take it, and second check that your power supply is powerful enough.

  cracker23 16:22 23 Jan 2003

thank you for your reply a local shop will be doing it for me and they've already told me i might need a new motherboard the main reason i suppose that i was thinking of having it done is because the processor has been clocked and i would rather upgrade than wait a couple of years and then have to buy a whole new system,any further ideas? any would be appreciated

  MartinT-B 16:48 23 Jan 2003


You need to prioritise.

Sit down and decide if you really really want to up-grade, and if you do, what is your budget. You can't ask anyone else to make that decision for you.

Ask yourself - does my PC work to my satisfaction? Don't upgrade just because you think everyone else's PC maight be better/faster than yours.

Once you have a decision - move on.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but...


  cracker23 17:03 23 Jan 2003

the whole point i was trying to make is this-i an entirely happy with my pc-except for the fact that the processor has been clocked does this mean that it wont last as long,i dont know!! thanks for the reply anyway

  Rayuk 17:21 23 Jan 2003

Just use your pc as is, if the Duron goes down you can always pick another one up,if it has only been clocked slightly and for a short length of time there shouldnt be a problem.
If you are that concerned see what the maximum cpu your board will take and buy one.[maybe even an Athlon]

  cracker23 17:43 23 Jan 2003

thank you very much for your message-makes sense-ta again

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