Is it worth the upgrade 2.4g to 3g

  Starfox 03:56 05 Apr 2005

Hi.System specs-P4 2.4g,Microstar MS-6567 atx motherboard(socket 478),1024mb memory,nVidia FX5700 graphics card,DVD+RW,CD-RW,onboard sound, etc.

Question is would it be worth upgrading the cpu to 3g.Would there be a noticable increase in performance or would it be money unwisely spent.The pc is used mainly for games and some light internet browsing using 2mb broadband.

The reason I ask is that a friend in IT has got a 3gP4 going reasonable and I wondered if it would be worthwhile buying it or would I be better to wait a year or so and go for something larger.

Grateful for any advice.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:35 05 Apr 2005

You are unlikely to notice very much in the way of improvement; give it a few months and prices will drop allowing you to double the processor speed you have now.

  gudgulf 09:48 05 Apr 2005

On the other hand the area that will gain from the 25% increase in speed would be game performance.In addition to which the 3gig processor would do justice to a much faster graphics card....I have a P4c 3gig processor with an ATI x800pro and that set up works very well indeed.That gives another upgrade step with your current rig.

If you are not in the market for a complete overhaul or replacement of your pc in the near future then I would be tempted to go for the 3gig processor.Will he let you try it out? You will be able to see if there is any benefit before you part with your cash that way.

  matt1234 10:18 05 Apr 2005

id recommend get a new mother-board and put in an AMD 64 bit processor as that will be fully up to date and be alot quicker than any P4.

But you wont see any noticible improvment if you upgrade your P4 to 3.0ghz

Or you could overclock the processor to act like a 3ghz put i dont know how far a 2.4ghz will go before it melts itself to the motherboard. If you do this you will need some good cooling!!!

  Totally-braindead 11:12 05 Apr 2005

I'm with the others here. A increase from 2.4 to 3.0 isn't that much and probably wouldn't be noticable. I'd save the money just now and upgrade to a new board and processor later. Remember that as time goes on and newer processors come out prices will drop. In a year or so time you may find you can get a new board and a faster processor for about the same as a 3.0 CPU will cost you now.

  Splodge 11:12 05 Apr 2005

Upgrading your RAM will have a more positive effect and will be cheaper!

  TomJerry 11:15 05 Apr 2005

some old 478 board only support Northwood P4, not Prescott P4

if he offers you for £40 and your board support it, why not?

  jbp1982 12:39 05 Apr 2005

You'll very little or no difference at all. I would wait for a while, prices are dropping so fast.......

I read somewhere that you shouldn't change your processor unless the increase in performance is at least 100%. Save your money for now.

I have an AMD athlon XP barton 3200+ based system, running at 2.2g, A neighbour has the same setup (identical believe it or not) except for an athlonXP @ 1.8g and different mobo. I can't tell the difference.

  Indigo 1 13:26 05 Apr 2005

You are so right, there will be very little noticeable difference for day to day stuff and only a very slight difference in games. The real difference will be noticed using synthetic benchmarks such as 3D Mark which will give you a higher score if that is what you really want.

The big problem with upgrading for performance is that you will never be entirely satisfied with 'cheap' upgrades and will always hear of another 'cheap' upgrade that can possibly give a little more speed.

It is far better to decide how much money you want to spend first then decide on a motherboard/cpu/Ram combination that can deliver the best performance in your price range.

You can then decide on a GFX card later (providing your PSU is capable).

2.4 Ghz is not slow !
Don't be fooled into thinking that it is any slower (in real terms) than a 3.0Ghz

  Starfox 14:28 05 Apr 2005

Well some very informative input there folks,thak you very much.From what you say it would probably be best just to leave well alone for now as I don't have any problems with the setup as it is.

I will leave things as they are for now and either upgrade or re-new in a couple of years.

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