Is it worth updating my RAM?

  spras 16:37 13 Nov 2007

I recently built a new system with 2GB of RAM and I'm looking in to 2GB more. My question is, will this provide me with a noticeable difference in performance? I'm running Vista and using the RAM/CPU monitor widget, my RAM usage is about 55% with my startup progs, obviously when I'm doing something intensive this increase but I've never seen it go near even 90% (it's possible I just haven't noticed). I am a heavy computer user, I do a lot of net surfing, watching films, music, photoshop, coding, occasional gaming and occasional other resource intensive activities. Is it worth putting in 2GB more?

  [email protected] 16:45 13 Nov 2007

not really, i had a 4 gb vista pc and the difference was barley noticable, vista uses ram a lot better than xp and you will find your widget reads very similar to 2 gb, as vista maximises ram usage, ie there is no point having 2 gig installed if it only uses 50% and page files the hdd. it will use what ram you have installed to the max.

  [email protected] 16:47 13 Nov 2007

so don't worry what readings you are getting, if it's not slowing stick with 2 gb.

  spras 16:54 13 Nov 2007

Well it's not slowing badly, the CPU and GFX card are all fresh so I'd hope it wasn't! But things can always be faster!

  Migwell 17:07 13 Nov 2007

What are you going to do with the time you save if it goes any faster?

In fact it could go slower as there are more places for the computer to look to find something.

Think of looking in a 500 page book for an item you wanted. Then think about looking in a 250 page book, you have cut down by 50% the number of the places it could be in. Thats my theory any how.

  silverous 17:49 13 Nov 2007

2 GB is more than enough for Vista for most people's usage. I am an IT professional and I'm running vista quite comfortably on 1GB with no real issues. You used to be able to check "peak" usage on the task manager in XP which was a handy indication of how much you'd used in an entire session however I haven't yet found out how to do that in Vista.

  DrScott 19:40 13 Nov 2007

Vista 64 bit then adding 2GB of RAM will do nothing apart from just fill up a few slots. Vista 32 bit can only read just over 3GB - some of which will be supplied by the graphics card.

  spras 19:47 13 Nov 2007

Yup, I'm running Vista 64 bit lol

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