Is it worth selling ?

  User-A78FA197-1932-4493-8DF0E29629ED22CC 13:14 14 Dec 2008

Hi, can someone give me an advice on how much is my PC worth. I'm thinking of selling it but also thinking of putting a new graphic card so it would last me for another year or two. If so what kind of graphic card i could put in to this PC. There's the spec:

Intel Pentium D model 805 (Intel Pentium 5 CPU 2.66Gh)
Rio (GA-8TRC410MNF-RH) Motherboard
nVidia GeForce 6200 LE/TC 64MB (256MB Total) VGA + TV-Out
19' Xerox Flat panel
DVD±RW Dual Layer Drive

Speed: 7200 rpm
Density: 166GB/platter
Cache: 2MB/8MB

8 in 1 Gigabyte GO-C81LA CardReader/Writer
TV tunner, modem, mouse, keyboard, speakers,Windows XP media centre.

Would be really greatful if someone tell me roughly the price of it.

  citadel 13:36 14 Dec 2008

not worth a new card unless you play games, you need to know if it's agp or pci express if you want to change. pc not worth much as you can get better spec new for few hundred pounds. I keep my old pc's for back up then when I run out of space give them to freecycle.

  cream. 14:38 14 Dec 2008

Is it a PB IMEDIA MC 1539?

It will take a PCI-e graphics card but watch how big the psu is to take the card.

  jack 14:54 14 Dec 2008

As stated the cash worth is zilch.
You have two options
1. keep the machine and clean it up, and do consider what type graphics card you have. stuff moves on very rapidly and as mentioned there are two types of card now so check the capability of such an upgrade can be handled by the PSU- this course of action is likely to result an a cat and mouse chase of buying and swapping parts to try for compatibility so option 2 is
Bin it/give it away

If doing the latter the drive should be wiped
A - because technically operating system was sold to you with no pass on rights - though of course this is largely ignored and the software police are not likely to be bothered.
and 2 security - your data passing into the wrong hands.

thanks a lot !!
it's IMEDIA MC 2559
and it's pci-e
the main reason of this is because of the games...
so should I be aware of something else when buying PCI-e card and psu ?

  GaT7 18:11 14 Dec 2008

Yes, it's got a PCI-E 16x graphics slot & a dual-core CPU, which is good news so far.

It's a mATX motherboard though, & the PSU may need upgrading depending on the graphics card used.

What you should be aware of when buying a PCI-E card for this PC, & your needs in general:

1. Will it physically fit in the case, both length + breadthwise? The newer, high-end(ish) cards are 9-11 inches long, & can occupy 1-3 adjacent slots. So go in for a 'single-slot' card as a max - this may occupy 1 adjacent slot
2. Is the PSU powerful enough to power the card & does it have at least 1 dedicated PCI-E 6pin power connector? If NO to either, the max graphics card you're most likely able to run is one which doesn't require external power. May be solved by using a more powerful PSU, but at additional cost
3. What games are you thinking of playing, & at what quality/settings?
4. If you have 1Gb RAM now, it'll be ideal if you could upgrade to 2Gb
5. What's your budget? And, is it worth upgrading, considering the cost of all the upgrades.

Answer/conment on the above, & we'll be in the best position to advise further. G

  Pamy 18:15 14 Dec 2008

Why are you thinking of selling? this is a much higher spect than mine, What does it not do for you?

  jack 18:24 14 Dec 2008

Mine too - though games are not for me a consideration.

I had a look and physically I could fit even 11 inch card and if adjacent slot is the slot which sticking out at the back of the case then I'we got 4 of them.
My PSU is "fsp250 - 60gen" I think it's not going to be powerful enough as I could not find that 6-pin power connector.
I'm not planing to play all these new fancy extreme graphics games, but the problem is that at the moment even playing at the lowest specs some games does not run so smoothly.
As I mentioned before I already have 2gb of RAM
I would like to spend no more than 150 pounds but I could stretch up to 200 for something special.

So would I get something reasonable for that money, knowing that I would have to buy PSU as well? and what ? would it be a problem to find the right PSU that fits exactly in to my case ?

and one more thing:
as I opened the case my graphics card was sticked into black slot, is this is PCI-e slot ? as there was two more white ones along the side.

  woodchip 20:32 14 Dec 2008

I manage with a lot less, and use the smallest of my Computers a AMD Athlon 1600+ with Win98se and 512 Mb Ram though I dual boot this with XP Home on another Drive also I have a XP Desktop with P4 and Laptop XP Home all less spec than yours. But I am not much into Games. I have a Wii for that

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