Is it worth paying for a firewall and anti-V?

  Halmer 20:16 27 Nov 2005

Just wondered if I should buy Norton or something when I get my new PC for Christmas given that free AVG and free Zone Alarm versions have protected me admirably on my existing PC for five years.

What do you think?


  mattyc_92 20:19 27 Nov 2005

I personally try to keep people off Norton (well expect Partition Magic) as it slows your system down, doesn't detect all viruses, crashes, etc....

After 3(ish) years of using Norton, I made the change to ZoneAlarm and Avast!, and I haven't looked back since.

  SG Atlantis 20:19 27 Nov 2005

NO, don't buy Norton I did and threw it away after a few months and have been using Free AVG and the free ZA firewall happily ever since.

Use the cash to buy something worthwhile.

  VoG II 20:21 27 Nov 2005

I would go for just about anything BUT Norton - it seems to be the cause of various 'issues', is resource-hungry and (as I know from personal experience) it can be a sod to uninstall.

Personally I use McAfee but I'm sure that AVG and ZA are just as good. I've put them on other PCs including my daughter's (which I have to sort out if things go wronmg).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:29 27 Nov 2005

There is no earthly reason for a home user to pay for either. Just because you pay does not mean that you are getting a better product. AVG and sygate will protect you just as well as any other paid for security suite. I would not even bother with the so-called lab tests thqt attempt to see which is better, as they are lame.


  Carbonara 20:35 27 Nov 2005

Most definitely NOT!

  Halmer 20:36 27 Nov 2005

that Avast free is very good but given the service that free AVG has give me I feel a bit loyal to it!

  Totally-braindead 20:37 27 Nov 2005

Have to agree with the others, theres no reason to pay for antivirus and a firewall. Use the free ones.

  aca 20:39 27 Nov 2005


Using AVAST excellent and SYGATE

Both do the trick

  mattyc_92 20:55 27 Nov 2005

"Avast free is very good but given the service that free AVG has give me I feel a bit loyal to it!"

Avast is excellent. The only problem is that it takes about 2 hours to do a full scan (that is without it doing a full scan + archieves). But, yes, it is good.

The first time I installed it and done the "first scan" with it (just after uninstalling Norton, which took hours to fully remove), it found over 10 viruses/worms, but they weren't really "high risk", but were dangerous never the less.

  hal_cyon 20:58 27 Nov 2005

I use AVG free and Zone Alarm and have had no trouble, people I know who use Norton or McAfee
have had lots of trouble


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