Is it time to upgrade a Nvidea 8800Gt graphics car

  allanon 21:27 26 Dec 2010

I have just bought the HPx20LED monitor and although the above card still works well, I wondering whether I would see any noticeable improvement by getting a newer grahics card. The amount I have to spend would be approx £150.00 although I maybe able to stretch to £200.00 if there is a marked improvement between the cards performance.

Any advice gratefully received thanks

  RobCharles1981 22:03 26 Dec 2010

Your Main System Specs would be useful ie:


Ram ect.


  mrwoowoo 22:28 26 Dec 2010

If the games that you play can still be played at medium settings with no visable slow down, then no.
You won't see much improvement.
I only upgrade my graphics card when the conditions above apply.

  OTT_B 22:48 26 Dec 2010

What games do you play?

  allanon 19:43 27 Dec 2010

the CPU is the Athlon 2 x4 640 Processor, 3.5GB RAM.
I can run all the games I have with no probs at "normal" quality - however it does struggle at optimum levels.

  allanon 19:44 27 Dec 2010

OTT_B -just noticed your query, I play strategy games and first person shooters.

  OTT_B 20:01 27 Dec 2010

Strategy games don't normally need massive graphic processing power, so are unlikely to benefit from an upgraded card. First person shooters, however, do tend to benefit.

Something like an HD6850 should show you some differences - better frame rates, or improved overall graphics - and fits you £150 budget. The HD6870 is a (slightly) better card, and comes in at just under £200.

Be a little careful about how much memory is on the graphic card you choose - whatever you have on the card can end up being effectively removed from your system RAM. Make sure you have plenty of available RAM when you are gaming before considering putting in a 1GB card!

  OTT_B 20:03 27 Dec 2010

Make sure your power supply is up to the job of powering a new card - not just with overall power supply requirements, but also connections.

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