Is it time that Tiscali was brought to book...?

  Stuartli 02:40 27 Feb 2003

I'm well aware that the world of the virus, worms and similar unwanted components of our computing lives have been around for a long time.

But is it not time that Tiscali was bought to book over the quite staggering level of unwanted porn and virus infected e-mails it distributes on a daily basis?

It's alright saying change your ISP, but some of us have have our e-mail addresses for some considerable time and are not too keen on changing our main address.

I've been with Pipex since 1996 (I have to pay so much per minute), whereas with Tiscali I enjoy its Tiscali 50 service and unlimited access for 50 hours per month (in reality many hours more than that).

I get at least one porn e-mail a day on average from Tiscali and, on Monday night, two of the SoBig virus infected e-mails.

Fortuntely Norton AntiVirus did its work and no harm was done, but I'm getting fed up of copying and pasting all the porn e-mails and informing Tiscali's abuse department of what I have received.

Only on one or two occasions does Tiscali appear to have taken any decisive action over these e-mails.

Has anyone any views on the subject, especially those who suffer from the same nightmare?

  Stuartli 02:42 27 Feb 2003

Just as a footnote, I've never had a porn or similar unwatned e-mail from Pipex - that proves it isn't something anyone has to put up with.

  cream. 03:26 27 Feb 2003

Oh dear. I have had 2 Friends who have been dissatisfied with freeserve's service, in the last couple of weeks. They asked me if I had a spare isp disk. Now I use btopenworld and they did not want to sign up to that package. So the only spare one, or hundreds from the mag, was tiscali.

I did get feed back from the first one of it is a lot faster than freeserve and he seemed quite happy with it. So on this basis I recommended it to the next friend. I have not received any feedback re. porn, virus's or worms but I will inform them to be vigilant.

As I have already stated my ISP is bt and my main e-mail is yahoo. I do not seem to have any problem with this. If you are getting this level of crap, then yes they should be brought to book to sort out the mess. It is unbelievable in this day and age that this amount of garbage is filtering through.

  MAJ 07:51 27 Feb 2003

I've been using Tiscali for well over two years now, since BT started playing funny buggers with high usage customers. The only thing I find wrong with Tiscali is the problem one apparently has when changing ISPs. It seems it's difficult to get them to stop charging your credit card. But since BT have deemed that I will get an ADSL enabled exchange *sometime* in the next 10 years, I can't see Tiscali's problem annoying me just yet for a while. As for porn emails from them, no I've never received one since I signed up with them.

  ?dstow 08:12 27 Feb 2003

What I can never understand is why these filth mongers think that everyone in the universe is gasping to share in their wares that they have to multi-mass mail in the way they do.

Believe me, I'm as liberal as anyone but, I do object to having junk mail and email shoved at me like this. If these pornographers spent a little more time in selling a quality product to a selective (i.e. people who want it) market, it would be better for all concerned.

The same applies to body part enlargement, dubious degrees and all the other far from genuine items touted in these messages.


  ?dstow 08:15 27 Feb 2003

Oh dear!!

Just got back from the USA to find that my staff have upgraded my Opera to 7.02 and now it won't do the euro symbol.

Will have to go back to using a letter E


  watchful 08:19 27 Feb 2003

I couldn't agree more. I'm glad you've seen the light.
Since leaving Tiscali I haven't had one porno e-mail and it was worth all the hassle in changing my ISP.
I'm surprised that Tiscali are still going after all the trouble I had with my account with them. In the end I just sent them a cheque for what I knew was the right amount owing. My PC was installed with Tiscali so I used it as it was the cheapest at the time. I had several months of trouble and shoals of unwanted e-mails. Now I have no trouble at all with Freeserve who take their payments on the dot and I've never been cut off the internet.
As a new PC user I was almost put off using the internet altogether when using Tiscali - it was a case of dreading looking in the inbox.
I can't put it more strongly than that.

  watchful 08:20 27 Feb 2003

Is that you €dstow ???

  Edstow 08:22 27 Feb 2003

Yes, it's me!!

Bit disappointed with my new Opera!!


  Edstow 08:30 27 Feb 2003

Sorry if this seems like highjacking, Stuartli, but I'm trying to get my euro back €€€€€€€.


  watchful 08:33 27 Feb 2003

Looks like you've managed it!

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