Is it slow on PCA to-night

  birdface 22:52 20 Sep 2007

Hi anybody tell me if it is slow on here to-night.I think my computer might be playing up.And has anyone else get blue printing around the sides when changing pages.

  birdface 09:18 21 Sep 2007

With me it just seems to be the PCA Site.Like you say when clicking on different forum headings.But it is the dark blue background I get when trying to open a new site.I read on another thread that it may have been my Firewall Kerio that was the problem,So deleted it and used Windows Firewall temporary,And it was just the same.So its got me stumped at the moment.

  birdface 09:27 21 Sep 2007

Sorry but I have to go out and won't be back until 3pm.But please leave any helpful comments for me,And I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  norman47 10:56 21 Sep 2007

Like this? click here

All the editions of firefox on different computers have always given this quirk before refreshing themselves to a clear page on PCA.

I thought this was just standard with firefox?

  norman47 10:58 21 Sep 2007

"All the editions of firefox on different computers have always given this quirk "

should be

All the editions of firefox on different computers have always given me,this quirk

  rdave13 11:02 21 Sep 2007

That happens on Opera. Sometimes takes a few seconds to clear.

  [email protected] 13:35 21 Sep 2007

Hi buteman,
Sorry still dont know what problem is but the following speeds it up for me, if you want to try it.
Firefox, download adblock plus,once installed subscribe to easy list usa(within adblock plus)

visit pca helprooom.
log in to pca,this is impotant as the list differs if not signed in.
There will be a stop sign with ABP in toolbar,this is adblock plus,click on the downward arrow next to it.
select blockable items (approx 30)
block all with the exception of these 7
images/masthead-high jpg
images.hi orange
thread status resolved
thread status unresolved
see if that helps,it takes out the blue/adds etc

  birdface 15:35 21 Sep 2007

Exactly like that.Thought I was the only one getting it.And rdave13 thanks for letting me know that you also get it in opera occasionally.I think when I tried Firefox at first I never had that problem ,but maybe I am wrong.And The Raven just about to have a look at yours ,so will get back to you and will let you know if it works Ok.Thans Everyone for your help.

  birdface 17:07 21 Sep 2007

Nope did not work for me,But will try it again later.Had to delete it a couple of times and then reinstall it.But no joy.Got it a lighter blue but that was as far as I got.At the moment I have Add Block deleted again.Going out to-night for a Pint so catch up with this to-morrow.Bye and Thanks for the help.

  rdave13 00:23 22 Sep 2007

It always happens when I use Opera and when I use Gran Paradiso v 3.0a6 (firefox beta). Thought it was the norm in how the browsers loaded the website.

  birdface 00:47 24 Sep 2007

Hi All.This is the latest on the new thread that I here It is great getting rid of the Blue makes a big difference.

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