Is it slow on PCA to-night

  birdface 22:52 20 Sep 2007

Hi anybody tell me if it is slow on here to-night.I think my computer might be playing up.And has anyone else get blue printing around the sides when changing pages.

  QuizMan 22:55 20 Sep 2007

No problem here

  [email protected] 22:57 20 Sep 2007

no probs.

  six-h 23:03 20 Sep 2007

Slow response, but not slow service!
I have noticed a certain lack of interest in one of my posts, I thought FE had pulled it at first:)
Ive had to bump it twice, and now, I'm resorting to canvasing for advice, but I guess it's not because the servers are slow!!
Go on, take a look!click here

  woodchip 23:08 20 Sep 2007

Not for me, OK hear

  johnnyrocker 23:11 20 Sep 2007

you could try answering the questions posed.


  birdface 23:13 20 Sep 2007

Yes thought it must be this computer.It's been getting a bit slower every week.Does not matter if I am on I/Explorer or Firefox.Anybody get dark blue printing around the sides when changing pages on Firefox.

  norman47 23:14 20 Sep 2007


  birdface 00:02 21 Sep 2007

Are you getting the dark blue printing when you change pages.

  birdface 09:03 21 Sep 2007

Ok.I accept that it is my computer at fault with PCA running slowly.And the dark blue printing when changing pages.So I deleted Firefox ran Winaso to get rid of everything else,Rebooted the computer and ran C Cleaner which got rid of a few more things.And then reinstalled Firefox,So up it came with all my favorites still on it,So obviously I could not have deleted it properly.Anybody got any solutions,Its still slowish and still has the dark blue printing.

  [email protected] 09:08 21 Sep 2007

Hi Buteman,
is it just the pca site?
is it just firefox?
I find it slow,not when getting to the site but clicking on the different forum headings.
I often do nights and site traffic isnt to blame.
so i must have the same issue?
ps all other sites i got to ,it doesnt happen.

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