it says i have a trojan???

  Mysticnas 23:29 21 Aug 2003

Got this email today from: [email protected]


This is an automated message from Ascentive LLC. Your computer is infected with
the Sobig.f worm virus. Please read below for more information:

You are receiving this message from Ascentive ONLY in reply to the email that
came from your email address. This is a courtesy message only, this is not an
unsolicited email. Your email contained what is now being called the
Win32/Sobig.F.Trojan worm. This means your computer is infected and sending
this worm to everyone on your address book (including Ascentive LLC).

You should update/get antivirus protection right away. If you do not already
have anti-virus software, you can find information here:

click here

NOTE: Ascentive LLC does offer any anti-virus products and does not specifically
endorse McAfee?s software. This is a suggestion only. There are a variety of
companies offering anti-virus support available. If you have any questions, you
should contact your ISP, Microsoft, or your computer technician for anti-virus
related support."

Whats all this about? a hoax?

  krypt1c 23:39 21 Aug 2003

sobig.f is a virus. If you've an AV tool try running it. THere's info / help here click here & here [email protected]ool.html" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  Mysticnas 23:40 21 Aug 2003

or is it someone posing at them? is that company real?

Just want to know whats going on. I had another automated reply just beofre this one saying that my email will be answered shortly. The thing is that i didn't email anyone about anything like that at all!

Just scanning my drives with nortonAV2003pro & Swat it. I'll have to leave it running overnight as i've got around 200Gb of space.

  mammak 23:45 21 Aug 2003

No this is not a hoax did you open this email
i think mabye you did, this is the "sobig.f"
wait untill someone on this forum can give you the way to get the patch ect and get rid, i cant new myself, but know enough to say, it,s big wish i could help, all the best Mammak

  krypt1c 23:45 21 Aug 2003

Ooooops. The 2nd link doesn't compute. Launch Google and enter sobig.f and you'll find loads of links, including the 1 I posted that doesn't work. It's
Symantec Security Reponse [email protected]val Tool

  Dave Bowman 23:51 21 Aug 2003

As per krypt1c's link

[email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  Dave Bowman 23:52 21 Aug 2003

Opps ?

  John-259217 01:22 22 Aug 2003

Its worth bearing in mind that the Sobig.f virus can spoof the from address field when it forwards copies of itself.

Sobig.f scans an infected system for any e-mail addresses it can find so its quite possible that it "found" your address on someone elses system.

When an ISP`s (or others) virus scanner detects an infected message they sometimes inform the sender that it has been blocked, in the case of your address being spoofed this then seems to be you.

If you run all the required checks and your machine shows as clear then I would consider this to be the reason for the warning e-mail.

I would not advise you to click any links or view any attachments contained with these warnings as you just never know if they are genuine or not.


  Jester2K II 08:19 22 Aug 2003

Read this thread click here

  alcudia 08:34 22 Aug 2003

For some reason links pasted in from Symantecs site don't work. I've had the same problem. Best to direct folk to the home page (which does work) and click security response. Then choose your virus from the list or do a search. If there is a remove tool it will show.

  Dave Bowman 10:55 22 Aug 2003

Point taken. I wondered what was going on. Thanks.


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