Is it safe to switch Socket to that of another

  Sirah 11:18 06 Jun 2018

Most modern houses have their socket labled for various appliances. My fridge socket light is new flickering. Is it safe to plug the fridge to that of the tumble dryer?(I do not have a tumble dryer so the socket is presently free)

  wee eddie 11:36 06 Jun 2018

If the tell-tale light is flickering, that does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the Socket.

Does the Fridge still run while it is plugged into it?

  Gordon Freeman 11:40 06 Jun 2018

Not sure if this some joke post, but regardless I'll run with it...

If you're in the UK, & if the socket is the standard UK 240v 3 pin, then yes you could plug your fridge into the socket labelled 'tumble dryer'.

The one for the fridge sounds like it has a neon light on it, which do sometimes flicker. If you suspect there's a problem call an electrician to check it out.

  Sirah 12:54 08 Jun 2018

Thanks for your swift response

  bremner 13:48 08 Jun 2018

In a kitchen you can often find that the sockets for under counter appliances are normally named, low level and inaccessible when the appliance is in situ. It is therefore normal to have a switch above work surface level with the name of the socket they control.

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