Is it safe to shop online without...?

  barnettgs 10:47 22 Oct 2004

Just curious...

Is it safe to shop online without any Windows updates and having no virus scanner?

  JonnyTub 10:48 22 Oct 2004


  Jackcoms 10:49 22 Oct 2004

"Is it safe to shop online without any Windows updates and having no virus scanner? "

What, exactly, are you trying to keep safe??

  JonnyTub 10:54 22 Oct 2004

no windows updates????? that's like a ship setting sail with a hole on the bow. It's gonna let all that nasty cold water in, Firewalls are great but they are not going to stop things such as viruses, worm's, password/credit card stealing trojans from entering you pc.

  JonnyTub 10:55 22 Oct 2004

I meant to add that you need to use a firewall, antivirus and patched os before contemplating entering your cc details online.

  barnettgs 10:59 22 Oct 2004

Ha ha, exactly...

Because I have been doing some research on safe shopping online, looking through many advices through many websites.

Apart from usual padlock, https security, data protection etc etc...none of them have ever mentioned anything about getting your Windows update or protect your computer from viruses. Are they missing something?

  JonnyTub 11:07 22 Oct 2004

If you knew the answer to the original question why post it???

It's not up to websites to make sure your patched up, that's your job and rightly so.

  barnettgs 11:12 22 Oct 2004

But the safe shopping online tutorial or advice supposed to be designed for newbie and may as well have mention about updates and anti-virus scanner. I'm sure many people did not know about windows updates.

  JonnyTub 11:13 22 Oct 2004

Maybe you have a point.

  spuds 12:29 22 Oct 2004

Whatever the case, always make sure that all the recommended safeguards are in full working order.Then you should be reasonably safe in your internet activities.

  woodchip 13:14 22 Oct 2004

Anti-Virus as no other function than to stop your Computer catching a Virus that's nothing to do with Shopping on line. But any body Going on the Internet with All Protection being up-to-date is foolhardy. Trojans are not Virus's they are phone home programs with your info. A Virus replicates, a Trojan as no need to do this, as it for a different purpose. A Firewall also helps defends against some of the above nasties, but you cannot stop them all.

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