Is it safe to load ALL XP updates?

  Denpen 20:44 14 Jul 2003

Hi, I have re-installed Windows XP and have installed the SP1 update. Is it ok to download all of the other updates that are listed after SP1?

  User-312386 20:45 14 Jul 2003

dunno yet

i am getting some funny code after loading the latest updates

watch this space click here

  Gaz 25 20:46 14 Jul 2003

No, 811394 is known for slowing your PC down, but other may have differnet views.

I would be very careful, thay have caused me hassle.

  Philip2 20:56 14 Jul 2003

I have gave up with never ending updates i have even turned the auto updates off computer works fine,no problems with XP i keep away from the dam things i have installed SP1 when it came out.
I never have any problems with 98 or ME yes i said ME.
What is not funny i don't think Microsft have given any thought to the time it takes to reinstall XP after a crash for what ever reason.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:59 14 Jul 2003

There is usually no need to load any updates. Personally I would wait for a few months until any problems have been sorted. Updates for windows or software rarely make a noticeable difference. Using W98SE I have never updated it and I have not gone doolaly-tap. I use another computer with XP which has never been updated and it runs as well as ever.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:00 14 Jul 2003

.....oops, forgot! I run a computer with ME as well and it has never been updated....or crashed...or gone loopy, anyone see a pattern here?


  Denpen 21:07 14 Jul 2003

But isn't security at risk if you don't download the critical or security updates?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:09 14 Jul 2003

Most of the security fixes refer to networks and sustained attempts to enter a computer. Hackers are not interested in the drivel on mine or any other home computer.


  Magik ®© 21:11 14 Jul 2003

if it aint broke dont fix it..

this XP laptop has had no updates put into it, and it runs all day, just with zone alarm and AVG. and connected to net for most of the day, as it has been for the past 9 months...

  VoG II 21:18 14 Jul 2003

823559 caused my 'puter to lock up. Not immediately; about an hour after installing. Must have been a conflict with something else but I cannot be bothered to find out what. Removed.

  Jester2K II 21:20 14 Jul 2003

Well i've got all of them so far and no problems. One would keep downloading but eventually it stopped.

Try them one at a time if you need to.

I suggest starting with the Critical ones first.

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