Is it safe to leave the router switched on?

  ethelene 12:56 15 Jul 2005

The adaptor/transformer gets very hot.


  knobler 13:05 15 Jul 2005

I've left mine on 24/7 for the past couple of years, and only had to replace the transformer once - the IT guys where I work leave all of the company transformers on 24/7 and were suprised when I asked them if they could track a new one down for me.

I'd say you'd be okay but others may disagree.

  knobler 13:06 15 Jul 2005

P.S The router itself gets fairly hot but, fingers crossed, hasn't died on me yet.

  ethelene 13:08 15 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, knobler. I would find it very useful to leave it on, but was getting worried!

That's reassured me that I'm not going to have a fire.


  wiz-king 13:16 15 Jul 2005

I leave everything to run on standby all the time, and have had no problems. Some of our computers have run over 10 years now, in use for about 12 hours a day standby the rest of the time. Must have used lots of power in that time but a least everyone can start work when they want and not have to wait for someone else to get the network and computers up and running. Some staff come in at odd hours or at weekends and it would be a pain to have to go in just to put a network connection on. Look at the power consumption, it is probably less than a light bulb.

  easyjet 13:17 15 Jul 2005

You can also consider a UPS,AVR surge protector. It will lengthen the life of sensitive electrical equipment.
I have to have one out here in Spain as our supply surges occaisionally and in the winter we get the odd power outtage.

  ethelene 13:24 15 Jul 2005

I already have the surge protectors, easyjet.

I was just worried because the black box adaptor thingy does get very hot.

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