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Is it safe to leave a router on permanently?

  NJ4959 14:38 08 Jul 2009

I have a friend who unplugs his router whenever he is not using his computer. Someone where he works has told him that his router (Zoom X6) is not designed to be left permanently switched on. Also the power adaptor gets warm. I accept that if you are going on holiday it might be wise to unplug it along with other electrical appliances. I never unplug my router (D-Link) which has now been on for two years. I even left it on when I went on two weeks holiday.

Who is right? Any advice welcome.

  Diemmess 16:42 13 Jul 2009


  gel 16:36 14 Jul 2009

I have anO2 router so I raised the subject with O2
This is their reply

'Thanks for getting in touch about leaving your router on continuously.

The router will probably be more efficient if left on, as it's maintaining a constant connection. It's really a matter of personal opinion. I leave my router on constantly, but if you switch if off it shouldn't affect your connection too much.'


  Taff™ 22:48 14 Jul 2009

And why is it then that when you phone up your ISP the recorded voice (whilst you`re waiting in the queue) says that you should disconnect your router and leave it for several minutes and then power it back up, which will solve all problems......

That was tongue in cheek because it works. It` all about how the line from the exchange works, whether you`re on LLU and if interleaving is switched on etc etc

My service fails at all sorts of times irrespective of if the router is left on or off overnight. I`m sure there`s an expert out there who can explain all these scenarios - it`s certainly not the techies I get to speak to .....eventually!

  Furkin 09:02 15 Jul 2009

I have a 'MAIN’ switch that turns everything on and off - including Router (BT Homehub-2).
As soon as I'm up in a morning, the switch goes on & everything bursts into life ( although it can take a time for 'me' to burst into life !)
It's on all day then until I go to bed at about midnight.
I have read quite a few opinion about leaving routers on/off, but there dosn't seem to be a definitive answer.

I am now intrigued about the 'get up to speed' aspect of turning routers on. Where can we get more information on this ?

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