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Is it safe to leave a router on permanently?

  NJ4959 14:38 08 Jul 2009

I have a friend who unplugs his router whenever he is not using his computer. Someone where he works has told him that his router (Zoom X6) is not designed to be left permanently switched on. Also the power adaptor gets warm. I accept that if you are going on holiday it might be wise to unplug it along with other electrical appliances. I never unplug my router (D-Link) which has now been on for two years. I even left it on when I went on two weeks holiday.

Who is right? Any advice welcome.

  Clapton is God 14:43 08 Jul 2009

There is no 'right' or 'wrong'.

I always disconnect from the internet whenever I'm away from the PC for any time and the PC and peripherals (including modem) are always switched off at the mains every night.

"I even left it on when I went on two weeks holiday"

If you're happy to return from holiday to find your house has turned into a smouldering pile of ash, that's fine.

  hastelloy 15:42 08 Jul 2009

I'm with Graphicool1

  ened 17:19 08 Jul 2009

"If you're happy to return from holiday to find your house has turned into a smouldering pile of ash, that's fine."

I take it that was tongue in cheek!

  Technotiger 17:25 08 Jul 2009

It is safe to leave the router switched on 24/7, I believe this also leads to improved performance over time.

I never turn mine off!

  ened 17:28 08 Jul 2009

I never turn mine off but in what way do you think this can lead to improved performance?

  Technotiger 17:35 08 Jul 2009

Turning off the router means that you are in effect re-setting it each time. Mine is the BT HomeHub Version 2, and I know that it does take up to ten days for the correct speed, per connection, to settle down.

  rawprawn 17:37 08 Jul 2009

Is it green
I leave mine on all the time for the same reasons as Technotiger

  Diemmess 17:40 08 Jul 2009

During my move to, I asked a very helpful English speaking BT tech. that very question.

He said "leave it on all the time".

In the sort of terms that I understand I think I understood that the broadband system builds up connection speed from first installation and may take ten days or longer to reach the maximum stable speed.
Probably makes little difference after that!

It samples ever higher speeds from very modest at the beginning until it is on the edge of instability if this occurs (as it does) below the maximum the contract will give.

My figures are:
Contract 8mbps
Best line speed 6.5mbps
Best ever 6.1mbps
Usual 5.+mbps
Worst down to about 4.2mbps at some peak times.

So I leave it on.

  OTT_Buzzard 17:51 08 Jul 2009

I switch mine off if noone's going to be using the internet in the house for a few days (i.e. we're on holiday). Not on safety or fire fears, more because it's a waste of electricity.

That said, at all other times it is swtiched on, 24/7

  Forum Editor 18:19 08 Jul 2009

that puts them into sleep mode through the night. They come back up automatically at 6:00 a.m.

This is supposed to be an energy-saving feature, but I'm not sure how much really is saved.

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