Is it Safe to Install SP3?

  Hulot 18:09 01 Apr 2010

Hi to all Forum Members

I have just read that Microsft are planning to pull the plug on support to Win XP in June, and are urging XP user's to install SP3.

I did install SP3 last year, however, it caused innumerable problems with my AMD 3000+ PC, which disabled USB support. I did read that all PC's with AMD processors were effected.

Does anyone know if it is now safe to install SP3 update?

Very much obliged to you all

Kindest regards


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:11 01 Apr 2010

XP SP3 works fine in my old AMD machine

  realist 18:57 01 Apr 2010

Consider installing this first though
click here

  robin_x 19:08 01 Apr 2010

I remember having problems installing SP3 from SP2 because it would hang right at the end of the installation.

I think in the end I downloaded the large SP3 download instead of the smaller one.
(there are a few (2 or 3?)versions knocking around as I remember on the MS websites.)

And it was for network installations too while I had a stand alone home PC.

Once it was in though it worked fine on my 5 yr old Compaq Presario Tower SR1619 with Amd Athlon.

I did often multi task too much and did a lot of reboots/end applications/processes.

Since been upgraded to W7 64 without problem.
Never crashes now.

  Bapou 19:35 01 Apr 2010

There's been no problems with SP3 on my computer since installation. At the time, reading of problems experienced by installing via Windows Updates I went for the ISO CD image file click here

Disconnecting from internet then disabling AVG and Zone Alarm firewall SP3 was installed from the CD.
Install went smoothly and no problems since. Having it on CD may just come in handy someday as well.

  Sea Urchin 19:46 01 Apr 2010

April 13th is the date -

click here

  MarvintheAndroid 19:46 01 Apr 2010

I have XP SP3 on 3 machines, one an AMD X2 socket 939, one AMD X2 socket 940 (AM2) and one AthlonXP 3500+. None have any problems.

There is a downloadable version on the MS website for burning to CD. Larger than the norm, but might be useful to have if they are pulling the plug...

click here

Go for it.


  Hulot 20:00 01 Apr 2010

Many thanks to you all for your advice.

I shall follow the suggestions.

Kindest Regards


  john bunyan 22:36 01 Apr 2010

Do read the many old threads on this. If I were you I would download it to a folder (not auto install) then disconnect from internet and install in safe mode.I think some anti virus programmes can be a problem.I ma now on W7 but my AMD processor was ok. Purely as a matter of interest, do you not keep up with XP updates as this SP3 must be over a year old?

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