Is it safe to delete your temp folders?

  Poloman69™ 22:14 30 Nov 2005

Under the folders in windows xp

'Documents & Settings'
'Name of user'
'local settings' and then on

I have 8 gigs worth of folders in the TEMP folder.

Is it ok to delete all of these as i am trying to find some more space on my hard drive?

Let me know before i do something i'll regret

  VoG II 22:15 30 Nov 2005

Try this click here

  Poloman69™ 22:25 30 Nov 2005

Cheers again VoG™ - nice to see fellow ™ people. What is clean up like? Have you used it before?
Just seems to be a bit sussed? Let me know to calm my nerves

  GaT7 22:35 30 Nov 2005

"I have 8 gigs worth of folders in the TEMP folder." - that's incredible!! How long since you deleted stuff there?

I keep manually deleting all the stuff there (except a few undeleteables) with no problems ever. G

  Polopaul69™ 22:41 30 Nov 2005

A long time.....

Never really known if it was ok to do so. Always delete my temp internet folders, but the TEMP file has always had me baffled. Occasionally some downloaded programs get sent there, but i've always worried that if i delete them all, then some programs won't work. Is this true?

  wee eddie 22:44 30 Nov 2005

The folder you mentioned - Don't even think about it for the moment - As you are right to ask.

You can clear everything that "Disk Cleanup" recommends. But make a Restore Point before you clear anything other than the Temporary Internet Files.

  gudgulf 22:46 30 Nov 2005

Some programs leave files in the Temporary directories which they use for a few days......most leave files there that simply are not needed.

CleanUp as posted by VoG™ is excellent and will shift the lot.

If you are concerned about any that are in may be in use then use Ccleaner click here which by default does not remove any temporary files accessed during the last 48 hours.

  Carafaraday 22:47 30 Nov 2005


  wee eddie 22:48 30 Nov 2005

That file on my PC is 300MB in size.

  gudgulf 22:50 30 Nov 2005


wee eddie.....both CleanUp and Ccleaner shift a lot more junk than the Windows Disk Clean Up tools.

  Polopaul69™ 23:03 30 Nov 2005

just ran McAfee quick clean - checked all of the folders it asked me if i wanted to delete them or not, and i just managed to get about 90% of it back. Will try cleanup and see if i can get the last of it.

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