Is it safe to delete .ptn files

  johnem 17:32 30 Aug 2003

I have recently found that a considerable number of .ptn files have been created in all sorts of folders. I believe that these files have been created by Scansoft Paperport programme. They are all titled "PPThumbs.ptn". I can get the files to open when associating them with Scansoft or any other programme. As I cannot open them, is it safe to delete them. Any suggestions.

  TBH1 17:59 30 Aug 2003

why not just delete 'em - - - -but leave them in recycle bin, just in case ?? I had same kind of experience sometime ago with *.prn files - - -these files created when you choose to print to file as opposed to print to, well, printer - - - never got to know how you opened these kinda files and so never got to grips why the option was ther to 'print to file' ..
Not much help I guess but am on Tennents Super right now and we did win away today.
Good luck.

  johnem 18:20 30 Aug 2003

Thanks TBH1, I will probably follow your suggestion. Well done your team.

  powerless 20:06 30 Aug 2003
  Alan2 20:55 30 Aug 2003

This may help you with *.prn files.

To print to you need to be in DOS - or command line - and type filename.prn lpt1:/b

This prints out the file BUT as I found not with the same quality as using the normal direct printer methods.

  johnem 21:47 31 Aug 2003

Thanks Powerless, that confirms my original thoughts. I think I will put them in the bin, just incase for a few days.

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