Is it safe to delete content.IE5 from Win Explorer

  Tinkey Winkey 09:42 23 Oct 2004

I'm freeing up some HDD space.

I,ve deleted the 3000 or so cookies from Temporary Internet Files via Internet Explorer !

I'd like to delete the files in all of the 'Content IE5' folders from windows explorer.

The folders are named as ON91AFT etc.

Is it safe to delete the content of these folders withought windows becoming unstable ?

It appears to be mainly JPGs of all the web pages we've visited.

I can free up another 80 meg if so.

Can you recommend an easy one click solution that will safely clear all of this junk with less hassle ?

  VoG II 09:46 23 Oct 2004

CleanUp! click here

  Wak 09:52 23 Oct 2004

CCleaner from click here is another FREE program you could install. It can run at boot-up and keep your system permanently free from all unnecessary files etc.

  LillyValley 09:54 23 Oct 2004

Yes, it is.
The easiest way is to let Windows do the job.
Open IE/Tool/Internet Options. On the 'General'tab, in the middle section, you read
'Temporary Internet Files' and a button that reads 'Delete files'. The 'Delete filed' button is the one that will get rid of quite a lot of rubbish cached in the IE folder.
Howeevr, if Windows won't do the job properly, and that depends on the version you have, you might need to empty the folder manually, but read this first
click here;EN-US;273010

There was a time when I used the 'Star Office' browser to do this, because it has a 'file explorer' that sees a lot more that 'Windows Explorer'. However, Windows XP seems to clear the Temporary Internet Folder a lot better than its' predecessors.

By the way, there are also utilities that carry out the same tasks Registry Cleaner & Disk Cleaner. Ask around the forums for the ones users liked best.

Hope this helps.

  LillyValley 09:56 23 Oct 2004

Forgot to mention. DON'T try to remove the 'Index.dat'


  Tinkey Winkey 10:05 23 Oct 2004

Will try CleanUp & CC Cleaner .

LillyValley - your link no longer exists ?

Where is the Index.dat file located so that I don't accidentally delete it ?

  VoG II 10:14 23 Oct 2004

You can delete index.dat - no problem despite what it says in LillyValley's click here

  Jackcoms 10:15 23 Oct 2004

In CCleaner under the Windows tab there is sub-section entiltled Internet Explorer. One of the options you can tick for items to be removed is Index.dat files. Untick that box before running CCleaner

  Jackcoms 10:22 23 Oct 2004


What exactly are index.dat files??

  VoG II 10:23 23 Oct 2004
  Jackcoms 15:35 23 Oct 2004


Thanks a lot.

So there's no harm done if I set my CCleaner to delete these files. They seem to be just another (unexplained) mysterious way of tracking my movements if MSoft ever needed to know!!

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