Is it a problem with the Video Card?

  MoiraB 11:21 03 Nov 2003

I've had several problems recently which I feel may be related. Occasionally when restarting the cpu just dies (still power to the monitor) and on restarting I get the message ""There is a problem with your display settings. The adaptor type is incorrect, or the current settings do not work with your hardware". I haven't added any new hardward recently or any new software. The computer is about 5 years old running 98SE the monitor is only about 18 months old. Also Fine Pix Viewer which has performed without problems since I installed it now seems to show the photos in greyscale with only tiny patches of colour. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Fine Pix Viewer but no improvement. Have also noticed that photos in MGI Photosuite don't look so good on screen but still print well.
Can anyone throw any light on this. Thanks.

  choffe 11:28 03 Nov 2003

a five year old pc is cheap to repair..
you could get the same graphic's card for around ?19 or treat yourself to a modern cheapie.
for less than ?40...
go on, spoil yourself. it's nearly christmass.

  spikeychris 11:30 03 Nov 2003

Boot into safe mode and remove the display adapter (all
references to it) and the monitor. Reboot, do _not_ let Windows install the
drivers. Manually point to way.

Once that is done, make sure that the display adapter and monitor are
properly defined as in by make and model in the device manager (Normal

  MoiraB 11:30 03 Nov 2003

Thanks Choffe, I don't need any encouragement to buy a new card but I would like to be reasonably sure that it will solve the problems.

  MoiraB 11:35 03 Nov 2003

I did try to update the driver but even when using "Find" Windows couldn't find the file on the installation disk. I'd hate to remove it then find I couldn't reinstall. I've also forgotten how to boot into safe mode (I normally wait till I've got a problem then it does it for me!)

  spikeychris 11:39 03 Nov 2003

OK let Windows assign the drivers first to see if that fixes it.

Whilst your machine is booting up continuously hit F8 and select safe mode. Perform the above and as said Windows will provide generic drivers. If that fails post back.


  choffe 13:27 03 Nov 2003

to boot in safe mode press and hold f8 on boot up.
i diddn't realise that you had problems with drivers previously.
find the hardware name in device manager and go to the web site of manufacturer and download latest drivers, you may have to look in the previous versions page but it sounds like a faulty install now.
a new card comes with drivers so it will solve the problem, but i am pretty sure that you will find the drivers in an archive somewhere on the web, which should solve this, if it doesn't then you can check for conflicts by checking the direct x diagnostic to run this program
click start/run and type in dxdiag
this'll allow you to test your card.
all the best.

  MoiraB 17:43 03 Nov 2003

Thanks guys, I've done both of these, still the same after following spikeychris's advice. Then spent a couple of hours loading the latest version of DirectX as instructed by the ATI site before loading the latest driver only to find when I tried to install it that the file was corrupted. I don't know if it's worthwhile trying to download the driver again but it took nearly an hour and I need to use the phone later so I won't do it just yet. Have run the directx diagnostic and all seems OK there.
Have just tried viewing a Kodak picture CD and got the message that my machine was running on 256 colours and should increase this. I don't know how it got on this setting but changing it back to the highest setting has solved the colour problem. Now just need to figure out why it suddenly stops on boot up and gives me the error message.

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