Is it possible to....Windows 7 query

  metalmiky 18:50 25 Oct 2013

Hello to all,

This may be a noob question but im gonna ask anyway... Is it possible to use windows 7 os that I have on my desktop to install a fresh on a laptop (that I have just got for free) via .iso copy??? the laptop is a bit old now its a Amilo pro v3515 running xp professional which I have formatted and reinstalled and while updating service pack ect I noticed that support for older os is stopping next year, hence my question, I have flashed bios for latest and installed max ram at 2gb so I pretty sure it will handle it. The windows 7 .iso is from dell desktop Any help appreciated. thanks

  Zak 19:10 25 Oct 2013

"The windows 7 .iso is from dell desktop" This very much looks like an OEM ( original equipment manufacturer)version of Win 7 so the answer is no. However if you actually bought a retail copy of Win 7 from Dell then once uninstalled from the Dell machine it can be put on another PC/Laptop.

  lotvic 20:20 25 Oct 2013

Zak, where did you get your info from? The answer is not a complete 'no'. Dell install DVD's use a Royalty OEM key and it depends on the Dell BIOS version if OS will install without asking for a product key. If the BIOS SLP does not match a Product Key will be asked for during install. Also Dell do not sell retail copies of W7.

metalmiky, please explain what you mean by 'The windows 7 .iso is from dell desktop'. Is this an .iso you have made yourself?

  Zak 10:41 26 Oct 2013


I stand corrected thanks; I should have just said "retail copy of Win7"

  lotvic 20:16 26 Oct 2013

Zak, just wanted to keep thread straight :)

I'm puzzled by OP saying an .iso file, as that can't be used 'as is' for any sort of an install. The .iso will have to be burnt to a DVD (using a burn program that can handle .iso files) Hopefully metalmiky will post back with more details so that we can help further.

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