is it possible to use onboard Sound & soundcard?

  BigAl127 16:36 18 Nov 2004

Is it possible to be able to use the onboard sound and a seperate soundcard at the same time?

My reason for asking is for a friend who runs a disco via his computer. He wants to be able to put the sound from music videos thru his projector onto a screen, whilst at the same time using the other sound card, for microphone, setting next track and other stuff etc.

If more info his needed, please ask.

  CurlyWhirly 16:52 18 Nov 2004

Perhaps someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I was always led to believe that you should ONLY run one anti-virus, one firewall, one graphics card and only ONE sound card (i.e. NOT onboard sound at the same time due to hardware conflict)

  mattyc_92 16:55 18 Nov 2004

Yes you can install another Sound Card but I don't think that you can use one for one thing e.g. music and the other for a different task. Your computer automatically sends the sound data to your sound card and I am not aware of any way of manually selecting what goes where. Even if this was possible, you would have to be a ICT pro....
Soz about this

  mattyc_92 16:57 18 Nov 2004

As CurlyWhirly said there would be hardware conflicts that will crash your system, corrupt files and even short circuit your motherboard to some extent

  TomJerry 16:58 18 Nov 2004

may be just a simple mix deck will solve his problem.

Work or not all depends. If on-board and extra from the same maker, it may work. Just try it out and he will see it.

  TomJerry 17:05 18 Nov 2004

if you need to, you can have a few graphics all work together, this is how people use multi-monitors.

I have a PC which has two graphics cards, one PCI and one AGP in addition to on-board graphics. Totally I run 5 monitors, each G-card takes two monitors (DVI+VGA) and on-board take one VGA.

Normally, install a g-card will automatically disable on-board graphics, but this is not the case for ATI chipset. My on-board is ATI IGP 9100, AGP is ATI 9600 and PCI is ATI 9200. All work perfectly.

  CurlyWhirly 20:42 18 Nov 2004

You can have a few graphics all work together this is how people use multi-monitors.

I have never heard of this sorry.
Regarding multi-monitors MOST modern graphics cards come with a secondary option like for example in Device Manager I have TWO graphic card entries:
'Radeon X800 Pro' & 'Radeon X800 Pro secondary' and the secondary option can be used for a second monitor but as I don't have TWO monitors I never use this option.

  CurlyWhirly 20:42 18 Nov 2004

p.s. I can't understand what you want 5 monitors for?
Are you an Administrator or something? lol

  TomJerry 22:19 18 Nov 2004

sometime I play a little on future market (mainly main US stock indix future contracts) in the evening and I need a lot of price graphs and news feed for making correct decision in fast moving markets. Small hobby, but paid for all my PCs including monitors.

  CurlyWhirly 22:27 18 Nov 2004

Now I know why you need so many monitors as it must be hard to keep your eye on all the IT information! lol

  BigAl127 07:41 19 Nov 2004

Any further advice on my original question, would be much appreciated.

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