Is it possible, with a Speedtouch 330...

  TonyV 20:44 29 Dec 2007

to have it set so that it is permanently connected? I seem to remember, when I moved here that when BT were going to set me up they were trying to get me on line permanently, but, in my wisdom, I said I wanted to connect via a dial up broadband system that I was on before I moved address. Now, I feel it would be prudent to go to a permanently live connection. Any ideas how to do that with the 330 Speedtouch modem?



  Fingees 20:51 29 Dec 2007

Unfortunately speedtouch, if I remember, relies on the usb port of the computer to be on for it to work.

However there are a number of powered adsl modems that will work, and if you are with bt, you can probably get one free if you ask nicely, or at least a reduced price.

Just a thought.

All the best.

  TonyV 21:00 29 Dec 2007

You are right, it is a USB modem. I have also been in touch with the BT Sales people and it is better than the Xmas Morecombe and Wise show!! They couldn't recommend anything and were not really very helpful at all. I finally got some one who new what a router was and said that I should see about buying a Voyager 210, which is the "old one" or the Voyager 220 the "new one". He even gave me the third party router settings to set such a device up. So I think it will probably be a trip to the local Computer shop or fight my way through a PCWorld store.

It is funny though, I feel sure that BT did try to get me to go on the permanent connection, which from what you have said, would be permanent so long as the Computer was switched on.



  Stuartli 21:42 29 Dec 2007

My wired £15 modem router from E-buyer (rebadged Safecom) is literally permanently on whether the system is or not.

  Fingees 10:15 30 Dec 2007

Usually when you go broadband, BT supply a modem (Voyager of some kind) for free.

You can also get a wireless one for a little extra.

I'm surprised they didn't offer you one.

When my contract was due to end earlier this year, they contacted me, and offered me a Special edition, wireless modem/route for £30. Instead of the usual £89. Provided I signed up for a further 12 months.

I accepted, and very happy with it.

Modem/ routers are cheap enough at PC World, as they still have a sale on

Happy new year to you, and hope you sort it out.

  TonyV 10:39 30 Dec 2007

Thanks fop your comments. Since BT have made no such offers, or, indeed, have been an awful lot of use in this instance, I may well go out and get a suitable modem/router and hope that it helps return my speed to what it should be.

All the best for the New Year. Have fun!


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