Is it possible to reinstall a diff version Vista

  FatboySlim71 22:08 06 Jan 2010

A friend of mine is having some problems with his laptop; it came preinstalled with Vista Home Premium when he bought it.

I have tried to repair it with my Vista Ultimate disk, but it couldn’t find any problems. So the only solution seems to be a fresh install.
The problem is, he never created any recovery disks and there doesn’t seem to be a hidden recovery partition.

So I was wondering if it would be possible to install my version of Vista (Ultimate) and use his license key to get him up and running again.

On the subject of the license key. The license sticker that is on the bottom of the laptop, the writing has worn off it and it is no longer possible to read the details off of it. I was wondering if there is a program that can be downloaded and installed that would show/extract the license key off of his laptop, prior to doing a fresh install.

  MAJ 22:15 06 Jan 2010

1. No.
2. click here

  MAJ 22:16 06 Jan 2010

p.s. what problems is he having?

  FatboySlim71 22:33 06 Jan 2010

His Windows firewall service cannot be started.

He cannot setup a wireless network, previously he connected wirelessly.

There are a few other probs too but I can't remember the details for them.

Thanks for the link MAJ.

I suppose it will be a case of seeing if it will be possible to get some recovery disks & drivers disks from HP, or is there some other solution?

  BRYNIT 22:35 06 Jan 2010

Also what laptop does he/she have as some one may know if it does have a recovery partition and how to restore to factory settings.

  FatboySlim71 22:35 06 Jan 2010

He has a HP laptop, probably 6-12 months old maximum.

I did have a Google earlier, but all I could find was about pressing F11.

  fsbb 23:05 06 Jan 2010

My daughter has an HP laptop approx 6 months old and mine is 2 years old. They did not come with a recovery disk but both have a recovery partition on hard drive and software in programmes called repaie and recovery. By opening the programme you can either repair or re-install back to factory condition. Check in Programmes.

Also right click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management. This will show the Partitions on hard drive. My recovery partition is named EISA.

If you do manage to re-instate factory settings don't forget to take copies of important files beforehand.

  MAJ 23:08 06 Jan 2010

Has he done all the usual virus and spyware scans, FatboySlim71? A good clean out might help. If he hasn't created any restore disks, then the option to do so will still be available on the start menu. If the option no longer exists then he'll have to get onto HP and buy the disks (if I remember correctly).

  fsbb 23:08 06 Jan 2010

Have you tried a Restore back to a date before problems started?

  FatboySlim71 23:23 06 Jan 2010

Thanks fsbb.

The earliest we could go back to with System Restore is the 31 December, which is after the problems started, my friend informed me that the problems started before Christmas.

I looked on the desktop but I could not see a program that had the name recovery or repair.

I thought it would have a recovery partition, because when I went into My Computer, there was the usual C drive and there was also another one shown too, but when I tried pressing on startup F11 there was no mention of recovery from partition or similar.

I'll mention to him about looking in Programs for a program called repair and recovery.

Thanks for all the help, its appreciated : )

  BRYNIT 00:30 07 Jan 2010

When you go into system restore/choose a different restore point did you put a tick in the box show restore points older than 5 days.

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