Is it possible, Redirecting Visitors

  tbh72 14:02 03 Jul 2004

Just trying to find the right words to try and explain this.

Sometimes websites stop working, by this I mean the visitors are presented with a default browser page which states the "Server Cannot Be Found". This can be caused by numerous issues, eg too many visitors, broken nodes, server failures etc.

So, I guess my question is; Is it possible to have two seperately located servers to host your website, should one fail the visitor would automatically & transparently be served the website from the alternative server? Would this be difficult to setup? I appreciate that it would effectively double the hosting cost's & that host's should really not place you in that postition. BUT sometime's it is not the fault of hosting companies etc.

  tbh72 00:32 05 Jul 2004

Okay, no takers...... I have given it a little more thought and would presume we would have to have a little circle thing going on.

In order to establish whether or not the server was working the server would have to be queried, eg by typing the URL into your chosen browser & loading the website. Obviously this would not happen if the server had issues, so initially when a person requested your URL, they would first have to go via the backup server which would then decide whether or not they should go to the regular site or stay on the back up server.

Sounds easy when you put it like that, but how would you go about putting this into practise?!

  AcidBurn7uk 01:43 05 Jul 2004

hhhmmmm - I would try to answer this one but I'm to tired to thinnk straight right now. Will check this tomorrow evening, think I might have an idea if I understand the idea correctly :P

  AcidBurn7uk 01:46 05 Jul 2004

sorry - meant 'if I unserstand the problem correctly'

  tbh72 01:46 05 Jul 2004

There's no hurry, it's just a possible solution I have come up with based on past experience. But I'm struggling trying to find out how to implement it.

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