Is it possible to record music from cd's to dvd's

  Raysorbill 13:51 18 Sep 2004

I am interested in making my own compilation albums on dvd if possible for playback as background music at dinner parties etc.
Is this possible?, and if so how do I go about it,
what software do I need, can I create a high quality album that will play for over 4 hours?

I have a Evesham Computer with I believe a sony dvd rewriter, Pinacle Instant CD/DVD, Real One Player, Microsoft Media Player, and Stienbergs Clean 4.5.

I intend to play any recordings back through my HiFi useing a Pioneer 565i dvd player that reads dvd's, cd's, mp3 files, cdrw and dvd-rw, any help will be much appreciated

My knowlege of computers is extremly limited, so be explicit, assume I know nothing.

Many Thanks

  stalion 14:05 18 Sep 2004

try this it is free click here

Yes, you can create mp3 DVD's.

1. You need to extract (rip) the songs you require from each cd, onto your HD (create a new folder for this), in mp3 format at 160kbs for reasonable quality. I think Media Player can do this, but I don't use it, so am not sure.
CDEX click here is free & good for this purpose.

2. When you have all the songs you require, use whatever burning package you have to create a data disc.

You could use a CD-R or -RW for this as you can fit about 8 CD albums onto a disc which is more than the 4 hours you require.

  Graham ® 14:55 18 Sep 2004

You will need a license to play music in public, unless the venue has one that applies to your particular case.

click here

  JYPX 15:05 18 Sep 2004

Great idea! Possibly this software? click here , and click here for user opinions - good and bad....Note that a free trial is available - it's very restrictive but would prove to you that this is do-able.

  SEASHANTY 17:07 19 Sep 2004

This is part of a featured article in the current edition of Computeractive magazine published last Thursday Issue 172.

  Raysorbill 17:16 19 Sep 2004

Thanks for all the info, I will try to make good use of it

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