Is it possible to put a virus into a Windows disc?

  lelole 13:44 15 Jul 2003

Loads of problems that i have posted about, not yet found a solution. the problems are acting like a virus, cos they keep changing. It seems to be linked to the Windows ME upgrade disc. I boiught the disc over eBay, and am now worried the CD contains some kind of virus alongside Windows. The packaging was sealed, and everything looked OK, but was just wondering if a virius implant was possible??


'probably very paranoid'


  Djohn 14:02 15 Jul 2003

If it's a genuine disk, then it's very unlikely to have been tampered with. If you have a operating PC, pop the CD into the drive and do a scan with your Anti-virus program.

The CD will probably start automatically, just stop the install, then right click from "My computer" and choose virus scan from the menu. Regards. j.

  Jester2K II 16:05 15 Jul 2003

IS it a genuine disk???

  MichelleC 18:35 15 Jul 2003

Not a disc, but a floppy can. If you've got rid of a virus by booting from floppy and not had the 'write protection' left open the virus can infect the floppy, then it goes back to square one.

  -pops- 19:01 15 Jul 2003

Does the disk have the Microsoft holograms on the top side?

Is the disk silver and not tinted on the "active" side, indicating a pressed rather than a burned disk?

If at all suspicious click here


  Border View 23:08 15 Jul 2003


  lelole 23:21 15 Jul 2003

Hi, sorry - thought I replied but it didn't send for some reason. Virus checked out fine - i noticed it was trying to re-direct me to realmedia whent he internet explorer windows opened , uninstalled it and no problems since yeay!!

Thanks for help all!!

Leah x

  The Spires 23:25 15 Jul 2003

Yes RealPlayer is quite intrusive if you install it with the default options, however not harmful in any way.

  DieSse 23:27 15 Jul 2003

Current XP CDs are a goldish colour.

  -pops- 06:08 16 Jul 2003

Are they?

Oh well, the other points in my post are relevant.


  wawadave 06:31 16 Jul 2003

it could be you have an mbr virus or cmos virus or bios virus. m.e is buggy as hell all on its owm
you should have min 256 megs of ram.
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