Is it possible or wise to lubricate PSU fans?

  ricvic 12:18 19 Mar 2003

The title says it all.
The fan has recently become noisy.
Your thoughts,please. Lubricate or renew?


  Belatucadrus 12:40 19 Mar 2003

You can lubricate, you will need to remove the adhesive label from the fan boss, this should give you access to the fan bearing. One small drop of a very light grade oil or WD40 only, wipe off any excess and replace the label, this needs to make a seal, so if the original label is damaged, replace it. The results are never entirely satisfactory, and doing it is a pain, so I would recommend replaceing the fan.

  MPete 13:12 19 Mar 2003

Replace the fan. I'm a electrician the fan is cheaper than what it will cost if it fails. It will fail fast after you lube it. There not really made to tweek. If it's making noise the bearings are gone anyway. The oil will only fix it for the shortest of time then it will fail. Oh and when it does fail the pSU will fail really fast taking your hard drives and possible the mother board with it.

Never fix fans that cost so little and are so important that they have to work, replace always, it's cheap insurance.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:20 19 Mar 2003

As said, best option is to replace it. Even if a bit of oil solves the problem its likely to do some long term damage as dust will start sticking to the moving parts and will clog it up. As MPete says, they are cheap to replace much better to spend some money now and save the PC in the long run than save it now and find yourself buying a new PC in a years time.

  ricvic 13:24 19 Mar 2003

All pretty conclusive.
I don't think the the fan is separate from the PSU, so it's a new PSU. By instinct I'd go to Novatech, since they have always been good in the past.

  ricvic 13:44 19 Mar 2003


I will write it out 100 times.


  DieSse 14:09 19 Mar 2003

The fans are almost always very simple to replace - I've done quite a few. The vast majority are identical to case fans. f you want to try this, get a ball bearing fan, not the cheap sleeve bearing ones.

On the other hand, I've dissembled and cleaned and lubricated lots - and never had any subsequent problems.

  vinnyT 15:25 19 Mar 2003

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  ricvic 15:35 19 Mar 2003

Ta VinnyT

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